Saturday, April 29, 2006

I posted this in a thread where Lee Jones asked the 2+2 community whether Pokerstars should block 3rd party sites from accessing posted Pokerstars info like tourney results - the most obvious issue is -

here's what I wrote...


I would like to go on record as saying I would like pokerdb to continue tracking my results and the results that are publically posted for ALL to see already and would like pokerstars to not make it more difficult -

my results since 2005 have certainly inspired me to improve my game, and that's a nice summarization of stuff we've done that we would like to keep track of and I am just totally down with

I think it's good if for no other reason then 3rd party auditing of people that seem to play a lot of final tables together?

nothing is to be gained by hiding this info. It's also a good indicator. When a guy starts throwing your tourney stats in your face, you know you MIGHT have him on tilt


Friday, April 28, 2006

so is it just me or all the poker bloggers being hit up with tons of requests for advertising/ad placement in exchange for financial compensation.

At the core, I find this mildly abhorant - why? - for the simple reason I don't believe in ads for stuff I don't believe in on my own blog - FTP I have been pretty much a fan since day 1, esp. of the interface, (but not of the hand history recollection - can't get it to work worth a damn with Pokertracker) - so I resist most of these requests -

just wondering how often this occurs -

bought a Rickenbacker 12 string with 1K of last week's winnings - that'll be cool - but otherwise not a very eventful week -


Thursday, April 27, 2006

You know you've done enough when every bone is sore
You know you've prayed enough when you don't ask any more
You know you're coming to some kind of understanding
When every dream you've dreamed has passed and you're still standing

Patty Griffin

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

my Mon/Tues poker endeavors were mixed - resulting in about a $100 hit to my 2K winning - I'll put $900 into a guitar and $900 back into poker - I feel it's time to kick my game up a bit - I've got a 50% ROI on some of these tourneys now and bigger with the $20 NL games/SNG's -

rather then play a 1.2K field for an $11 buyin, I'm feeling more like the $24/500 player fields - I seem to get a lot of final tables then - LOL -

I'm becoming a podcast/Itunes junkie - ah well -


Monday, April 24, 2006

two final tables yesterday at full tilt - cleared almost 2K -

each game had one crucial suckout I sucked out on - welcome to poker - LOL.

too bad they aren't tracked like Pokerstars - ah well - the game goes on -


Saturday, April 22, 2006

whazzzup bitches?

played my first live poker in 4 months yesterday - haven't played in a live poker room since - Vegas WPBT tourney in Dec. - some interesting observations -

1. - when transitioning from NL/Tourney games back to Limit, watch the bluffing - esp. online or at Canterbury Park - bluff= -EV there generally because it's an instacall no matter what they got to the river -

2. - I tremble when I make a monster hand - had to clench my toes -

3. - bad suckouts not limited to online - I was there 6 hrs for the AA cracked/win $75 promotion - got KK cracked 3 times, sheeeit...


not much else going on - playing a home game most nights cause it's got fun people in it - good times - they have lots of drugs/liquor and work in Television, which is cool cause broadcasting people are as jaded as anyone - (I used to be in radio myself) -


2nd birthday came and went for the blog - meh


Grinder admitted to multi-tabling tourney games - he didn't see anything wrong with it - I gotta start softening my fucking moral compass because apparently you can't win unless you cheat - fuck almight - but he says it didn't help him much - whatever.


took some BR hits - played fewer tourneys at higher buyins and haven't been appropriately rewarded for my efforts yet - thinking I'll move over to Party for a little while now that there's a - LOL - wonder if my account is still good or what...hmmm..


someone is taking all my work and taking credit for themselves - gotta cut this short - more later -


Saturday, April 15, 2006

the Yeah Yeah Yeah's - interesting band - like the video for gold lion - like the tune - cool stuff -

no good poker content - I didn't place in a satellite or win and will be reloading with my leftover tax cash - (still 800 ahead - just put in 150 that was still in that account) -

not able to focus/play to the degree I would like - but that's poker - it happens -


Thursday, April 13, 2006

music takes more and more of me - drum machines taunt me with their complicated controls and guitars mock me with the 1-4-1-5 fingerpicking style that eludes me when the 5 is on the 4th string instead of the 5th string - LOL -

it is time for a rant - a mega rant - one to pucker up some pussies who have been opening their mouths too much.

To me, nothing exemplifies Christianity in action in the 20th century then Martin Luther King Jr. - universally disliked in the South for his preaching vs. racism, I don't think the full extent that his faith played out was ever realized, in part because the tactics he covered were more recently utilized by Ghandi, but the core element of a non-violent Christianity that seeks to change hearts more then laws is at the center of where he stood and where he got his strength.

He didn't just want to make the south desegrated, but he wanted to shame those who stood for segreation - shame their ideals and make them want to change - to do that, he found the biggest nightsticks and police boots to throw himself under - that's a powerful faith. -

Compare it to today - the Pat Robertsons - the Republicans - one of the principal rules that I read in the bible is that the love of money is the root of all evil - fair enough - it's not money, but the love of it...

so what does the "Religious Right" do? - side with the party who has made the love of money the principle on which the party functions - we're supposed to do business with these people? - Warmongers and men who preach pro-life while putting ten's of thousands of lives at risk with the most irresponsible and selfish policy abuses of the 21st century?

wake the fuck up, people - if you wanna serve God, it ain't in the Republican party -

I never really heard of him in all my time at Conservative Fundamentalist Bible School -- I believe part of this was simply racial - but part of it was, as Phillip Yancey pointed out in a book, probably due to the fact it's documented he did have extramartial affairs -

some folks would rather see a small piece of trash in a beautiful scenic view and go "tsk, tsk" - martial fidelity in particular is interesting, because I have known some of the Christian couples and seen them in action - a more possessive and divisive faith I have not seen since, and not only do I not see those friends anymore, they left the state and didn't say good bye - good riddence -

I know the personal failings of a man don't necessarily count towards his professional or artistic failings - and while I don't plan on having an extra-martial affair, I would hope to have a few more girls before marriage - LOL - since I was robbed in my 20's - but overall, it stuns me that to them, all that matters is his dick was somewhere that God might not want it to be, so now everything he's ever done, even when he was behaving was irrelevant.

Why the outrage, you ask? - cause a man I call a personal friend is being judged by these same religious people who think he let them down - I don't recall him ever putting himself on a pedastal and demanded to be treated as a religious leader - his songs, while heartfelt and based on a former relationship, have lost none of the shine or energy - he has been a friend and a brother - and

ah well - judge not lest ye be judged - but could they at least stop being so goddamn simple minded and stupid - at least think before the next election - this country can't survive another GWB or people who think a personal success can translate into God-blessed success when it comes to leaving the country....


Sunday, April 09, 2006

got bored and decided I'd piss away some time at another site when I deposit - so I enter a $27 turbo WSOP satellite for the 650 one going on this evening -

I win it -

so here I go into a 2500 chip/30 min round tourney - wish me luck.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ever since I started writing/recording, I'm acutely aware that my hero Townes van Zandt is still in the grave, and while his fame has grown, it saddens me that he is not here tonight to put on a concert.

I miss my hero - wish I had gotten a chance to meet him.