Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I have a filter list set up for PL/Limit games on Full Tilt - the pickings are extremely bad - most games are taking 20 min. to get going - but when they do they're like robbing a corpse - forgot how fun first place is. - so desperate I'm playing a 6 handed turbo 6 max game on Pokerstars -

I don't know why I hate NL so much now - maybe it's just because the total sum of virtually all tournament experience right now has been NL, and I was pretty good at limit before the NL boom - man, I wonder if I could even FIND a limit tourney in Vegas outside the WSOP right now. Bellagio converted to a NL format years ago.

It's been said by others (Felicia, among others) that a migration to other games will be what keeps poker's momentum going. The joy of NL pushes and watching the bluff analysis only goes so far - great for TV, but I think a lot of folks like me are tired of the dice rolling. I understand there is a definate skill factor the pros have that puts them to the top of Internet fields again and again, but for most of us it's joe jerkoff with a porno on half the screen, slightly below chip stack, calling all in's with 33 cause he thinks he might be a 52/48 fav. while playing 6 tournaments.

Maybe I just am bored of the push/bet/calculate crap. Maybe it's because you know with Limit you're guaranteed playing more hands whereas in NL you have to adjust to the fact your first hand first round may be your last - (possible in PL too, but I digress - going back to my 33 example, a stack is much more likely to call an all in praying for a coinflip then calling a raise with 33 and 3 more rounds of action, it seems.

it's just something with me, and whether or not I like it, it does appear to be a profitable run again.

but not at a $3.25 turbo table :)



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