Tuesday, October 31, 2017

so I had been playing at Bovada, and then they rolled their poker to Ignition

Ignition has been doing stuff that annoys me - like....not letting you see how many players are on a limit table - making it very difficult to find a low limit LHE game

some time ago I took out 250 of the 350 I had and ended up taking it in bitcoin - that money in the last month has gone from 250 to 400 bucks

At this time, seeing no good poker sites available for US players not in one of the legalized states, I have decided to pull the last 60 bucks from my online poker site and do some crypto currency trading - what the hell - wish I had gotten in years ago when mining was a thing and when I thought about it at $700/BTC - currently close to $6400 -

I haven't fucked up an opportunity like that since the time Fossilman asked for backers on 2+2 and I didn't go for it



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