Tuesday, February 21, 2017

If I believed in reincarnation....which I don't

I'd still say that this is my life, not that of Alexander or Lincoln or Gandhi

I'd say I pulled it out of the stardust and fire and smoke and gave life to it of my own, with no obligations or responsibilities to anyone for how it would turn out


somewhere along the way there was a little piece of someone, probably a Japanese fisherman in Feudal Japan,

And he would go out on the ocean not just for his job, but because he could do it and be alone with the ocean and sky

far from the Samurai and their armed thuggery and bullying

and the Daimyo who held power of life and death over his head

And the monks with their eternal judgement, cause they were that way and he wasn't

And he just sat out on the ocean and fished far from the villages and roads of men, and it broke his heart when he couldn't go out anymore

Maybe...just a little piece of that guy would have slipped in

if I believed in Reincarnation

...which I don't.


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