Friday, July 19, 2019

you know what I really miss?   9 handed Fixed limit Holdem -

I can find NL - I can find 6 handed Fixed with some decent levels - (sometimes there's NO ONE playing though) - but not a decent 9 handed fixed limit holdem

Someone tell that orange fucktwat in the White House Kim Kardashian wants Pokerstars back all over the US - he'll probably do it if he thinks she'll fuck him for it

On an unrelated note, I went thru my links there on the right and all my heroes moved from blogs to twitter or aren't updating since Black Friday - that's kinda sad

Thursday, July 11, 2019

I'm gonna tell you guys something a little sad - a little pathetic

Some nights about now I go to the Temple Bar camera link -

They have shots for the interior and exterior - and they're closed but inside I can still hear voices on the camera - I know the layout and when someone leaves camera view inside I know the outside door

it's quiet at 3:58 in Dublin on Temple Bar street - street cleaners, and people still closing up and leaving two hours later.

I went to Dublin 2 years ago - more of a stop in and out on our way to SW Ireland for a bit - I couldn't really see what I wanted to see - the way in I was too tired - the way out I had my tasks chosen for me before I left - no pubs - no seeing Trinity College

The guy who started this blog many years ago isn't the guy I am now - some of that is a good thing and some of that is a bad thing - I am no longer my own person but have another to be responsible for and again, some of that is good and bad.   I confess to feeling more nostalgia than I should lately for the bad old days.

If I could be that guy again that I was 15 years ago - drinking whiskey and coke, staggering thru streets and dreaming of music and cards and love, I'd like to be walking down to the Temple Bar in Dublin, and I'd have a drink, and strike out with the locals, and listen to the music, and not think about the weight and responsibilities of life that I've had to live with these last few years.

It's 4am - the street lights outside the Temple Bar have shut off.    Goodnight lads.