Wednesday, November 13, 2013

just got a flyer trying to get me to go to a car lot - I'm a guaranteed winner either of a car, a $500 shopping spree or 3 gold coins

knowing full well 99% of anything offered for free is utter B.S. - I look for the fine print - (I have told this to the wife about a half dozen times only to get the poo-poo, it's good - where later we find out it wasn't as great as we thought) -

oh, there's the fine print and the two asterisks on the other side - well if you don't win a or b, you get the free 3 Gold US coins - look at the picture and read the fine print and yep, they're US $1 coins -

Whole world is full of scammers and conmen with their lawyers looking for legal ways to screw you out of your pension, your health care premiums, your investment porfolio, or your livelihood - think about it - if you have a pension, there are people high up in the realms of power looking to legally screw it out of you by the rule of law as they did when they dumped a bunch of coal miner obligations into a new company that was guaranteed to go bankrupt in 5 years, freeing them from the "burden" of paying their legal obligation

it's almost like there's no point in having anything because you have to work triple shifts to keep it and protect from the goddamn liars, thieves, and conmen of the world.  But guilt always works, so how about we pay employees less than mininum wage and put the burden on you to morally "tip" extra to make up for the fact companies can't be bothered to pay their employees a mininum wage, and let's not forget the sad look and the sign asking for handouts at every street intersection

at least at the poker table everyone was honest and out to screw you and let you know it - honor among thieves as it were - not anymore