Saturday, October 05, 2013

at the rate we're going I'm going to get a post in every year - woot!

ok - no poker updates - in fact, gambling is pretty much on the kibosh -esp. since I moved to a state without casinos but I'll say this

I know now why men's hearts get hard - I think it happens out of desperation - when you are so on the edge yourself it's hard to give a shit about anyone else - anybody can give out of their surplus, but takes a real soul to give from a deficit - and I think some of us try to make sure it doesn't happen I'm scared a lot these days - mostly about money - almost always about money -

so now when I see a panhandler, I not only don't give, but I curse him, because he's the scam artist preying off the gullible, and I'm the scared one who can't afford to be taken advantage of

ah hell with it