Tuesday, January 31, 2012

going to restart an old tradition - the Open Internet Challenge - take 40 bucks and build that bankroll -

$40 - .5/$1
$80 - $1/$2
$160 - $2/$4
$240 - $3/$6
$400 - $5/$10
$800 - $10/$20
$1600 - $15/$30 - (limits subject to change based on what the site offers)

and at $2000, you win - cashout, rinse, repeat.

first hand I got Doyle in the BB - that's NOT a good sign


man...the years went by quicker than I thought -

been googling some old emails, websites, and places of cyberpresence tonight since there are visitors and the BF3 servers are shut down and I've had one too many bad beats on Bodava this evening.

when your emails don't show up on google anymore, u can probably rejoice a little - this little ambitious experiment at the request of Felicia Lee (actually to get into a planet poker blogger tourney as I recall) came and went - it's heyday directly proportional to the amount of alcohol I consumed.

now we're all connected on facebook instead of poker blog links - like survivors of a war where we won the battles but got a raw deal in the armistice - poker's biggest star now is a parody cartoon of microgrinders - that works for me.

the hair and belly are greyer (actually will be working on that in Feb.) - but mostly, it just seems to have gone by quick - this year I will turn the big 40 - and while it's not as big as it used to be, I remember a cartoon where a guy had 3 surprise birthday parties - at 20, 30, and 40 - and for the first two he was like "aw, thanks guys" and for the 40th, he was like - shut the hell up already.

a lot has changed - but a lot has stayed the same - a coin operated arcade with 80's classics just opened up here in Minneapolis, and these folks who ran two failed businesses in the same location are now literally....paying the rent with quarters - what a great idea.

tomorrow I'll try to write another 14 songs in 28 days - and I expect a lot of failure but maybe an unpolished gem or even a nugget of gold to fall thru - we'll see

when I'm gone this and my 2+2 postings will be my legacy - when I run for public office, they will sink my career the first week - LOL - good times, good times.

wow....what the hell just happened - I got middle-aged