Tuesday, September 20, 2011

so here's the deal - Full Tilt is being called a ponzi scheme


I had an ad for the site on here - I received credit to my account for it (apparently manufactured out of thin air like much of the other money) - and when they folded and I lost $450, I had traded off $600 of my money in the last year on a 1-1 basis for money on other sites when I wanted to play on them - One other site in particular, Pokerstars, forced me to cash out and take my money.

fortunately, there are few readers left of this blog - so I hope I didn't lead too many of you astray.

Now seriously - WTF -

they were one of the three biggest players, and they had a license to print money legitimately - what the hell was up with raiding player's funds to pay extravagent bonuses when I would think typical money operations could cover it

gotta love that love of money stuff

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the problem with a buggy poker site with questionable software and bad results tracking is u never really know how good you're doing -

I know in those buck tourneys I've placed 4 times, bubbled once, and busted a few - I've made 20% of my Bankroll (I like to keep my buyins for MTT's to 1-3% of my roll) and I haven't struck gold yet in any 2-5 buck tourneys.

but the fact I do so well in a 120 player tourney regularly is a source of some joy - I guess if winning 7 bucks for 2.5 hrs means anything - LOL -

isn't that what Johnny Moss or Nick the Greek used to say at the end of their life, slumming the low limit tables? - Hey...it's action