Tuesday, May 24, 2011

well, it's been a month or so - couple of the side sites have caught hell from the DOJ and some are staying open.

it's not worth it to deposit right now unless we know for a fact who is staying open and who isn't - and I suppose it's worth even less right down due to the high number of pros and experts who will dominate these games - no fish will just walk in and send a certified check overseas to a company to play poker - if it happens it'll probably be an impulse play - (like my initial signup was)

Man, I miss paradise poker today - the early cheesy screen - the one round (10 hand) SNG's that both party and they had - I miss party poker - I miss my favorite sites and Planet Poker and UB - just a lot of poker online to miss

the tourneys that had 400-500 players and weren't dominated by 4400 :D - I miss the outlaw status -

On an unrelated note - I'm getting married next month and I changed jobs so that now I work 2nd shift and would have the weekend free for the $215 Sunday Million

but mostly, I miss the artificial sound of the chips hitting the pot - live poker can't make up for it in the same way.

This blog has an interesting twist to it - in addition to chronicling most of my drinking binge, it chronicles my turn (in part) from a die hard Republican to something a little less oppressive - and if I ever had a reason to ignore the BS about giving people more "freedom", this would be it - Russians are all over my poker tables tonight and in the land of the free, you are not allowed to play poker online -

fuck it - I'm going to bed I guess