Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have earned a slight degree of fame here and about over the years, sometimes from this blog, but more lately from my CD and the pimping it got on 2+2 - so once in a while someone zaps me in chat wanting to talk guitars, chess, or poker. Recently I picked up a lurker on the Internet Chess Club who has given me two pieces of advice I'm contemplating - though some of course, I've heard years before

1. - Forget Donkaments, and forget Holdem - the money is in non-holdem games, esp. Stud

2. - Forget the Scotch, play the King's Gambit

so tonight anyways I've dragged out my old Super System - (chip's advice is probably still the best out there) and am dining around on the old .10/.20 cent tables - not saying I'll love it with all my soul, but it's something I can do at home, online, and maybe find a comfort zone with -

so we'll see how it goes - still not sure about the King's Gambit though