Tuesday, November 23, 2010

word of warning folks - every goddamn donkey with a draw is striking gold tonight


Monday, November 22, 2010

I go thru phases of interest - something attracts me for a few months or a few years, I burn out on it, and move on - Xbox was like that - alcohol and weed were like that - Cryptography and code/encryption breaking were a fad I didn't get TOO far into but still got a couple books on the subject - poker and blogging were a bit like that - right now it's chess and I think that's good cause it replenishes all the braincells lost in the activities before it.

lately for some weird reason, it's been jazz - This week I've been finishing up my night by signing onto a few cheap tourneys and cranking out late night Jazz - (Jazz with Bob Prolocha, to be exact) - u can find him on a lot of stations around the country so check him out.

To be honest, the changes don't always do it for me - I like the slower lounge type stuff now - I wonder what has changed in my brain - it's possible I've just burned out on the I-IV-V changes of so much of what I listen to - it's possible I want something in the background that's just mindless entertainment to a check-raising bluffin' fool

Maybe it's cause for the first time in years I actually listen to a radio and not a download or a pre-selected mp3 of artists I've filtered -

But lately, I'm thinking it's possible that it's the only act of rebellion left to me in a world where musical rebellion is pre-packaged dogshit, produced, compressed, bought and sold to the kids like suckers - Whatever Justin Bieber is, I want to stay the hell away from it as far as possible - maybe that's why I'm listening to Jazz.