Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holy mother - when you nosedive on 4 tabling, it's a dive - taken some hideous beats - down to $218 which puts me back to about 130BB, way short of the 200 I had - it'll be back to one table for a while - but THAT'S why they recommend 300 BB's ;)

Actually, I'm thinking the smart thing would have been (and still is) to cash out after a couple big wins - LOL - or more specifically, start 4 tables, get the one that's winning, and drop the other three asap :)

we'll see how it goes after a while of one tabling -


Sunday, March 07, 2010

today would have be my Hero's birthday (Townes Van Zandt - died in '97 at age 52)

kept thinking of what I could do to celebrate without getting drunk - and somewhere along the way it was like "man, go take your money and find a poker limit higher then what you're used to - and just go play - and don't care about the money - just play your best and don't back down and if you lose, just walk away like nothing bad happened"

and maybe find a nice cigar - :)

love ya, Townes - rest in piece and happy birthday