Sunday, May 03, 2009

There's a lot I could say about the status of poker online in MN right now - someone has their underwear in a bundle - I should point out in disclosure, the ad I have for Full Tilt Poker is to your right, (assuming you don't use adblock or something) - and for some reason, that is one of the sites the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has on their list for blockage but as of Sunday morning, I have access and I have reason to believe their persecution will not be legally justified

so I'll let it go for a moment and get to my point.

Two weeks ago, I took my live bankroll and cashed it in - my attempts to build a bankroll playing 2/4 limit with a $5 rake and $1 jackpot drop are pretty much in the hole - Furthermore, I have neither the inclination nor the desire to continue that project - I was glad to win my bad beat jackpot share, and I'm glad to take what's left of it and run - I already ran with $250 or so, so I kept about $850 of my $1500 bankroll - not unlike my 401K performance - LOL

A lot could be said on whether the game is beatable, esp. at 2am with loose guns and no one can deny on a good night, with the right cards, it can be taken for $200, but I found myself tightening up and getting less and less interested in making the trip out there short of any reason but human communication. With some competition in the area now in Runnin' Aces, I would almost rather buy a convertible and make an hr drive up to play in the pocket A's promotion they have most weekdays and cash my comps when I go - just sayin....

In any case, I promised a return to periodic updates, and a resurgence of writing but all I did was slowly bleed until the process, while not fatal, ceased to have any real entertainment value to it, and let's face it, if we aren't playing because we enjoy it, why play?

having said that, you can fit any poker client on a 1024x600 netbook screen and I've been kinda enjoying that lately ;) - so no, I'm still here, and I'm still ready to tell the dept. of public safety to go screw themselves, but the live bankroll challenge is fini - personally, I'd rather play cheapo 1 hr 1 table SNG's for a while.