Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I just realized we're close to the 5 year mark in a couple months - holy mother....

just tried to bluff pocket J's with a pair of 6's and a busted straight draw online - why did I raise preflop again - oh yah, suited connectors - nerfhead

well, maybe I should post my bankroll - here it is

kinda sweet, eh? - that's about $1442, and I'll move up to 3/6 when it gets to $1800 - it was up but a couple losing sessions almost took me back to even money - meanwhile I'm dropping dimes online, but enough about that.

Tonight I want to talk about this exceptionally tall and beautiful African-American woman who came walking in at 3am - She looked really young, and she probably was, but I don't think she was wearing much makeup - I don't think she needed it. She sat down and folded a lot of hands - and she had the attitude of a woman who was there to play and not talk - so I pretended I was there for the same reason ;)

She came with a guy you'd expect - gotee, baggy clothes, and likes to comment on how others play - for a while though she was alone at our table - we got involved in a hand where she had called my KK raise and repopped me on a K98 flop.

Turn came a 7, and river a duck so I make my bet and she ends up folding but I get a caller and turn it over.

As I'm raking chips, I use this as an excuse to look over - (I used almost any hand she was in as an excuse to "study" her - she was pretty tight the first 45 min. and then started calling a lot of raises) but I sorta throw out there "two pair?" -

and she had been kinda stoic and quiet, but she gave me this smile that almost made me regret dragging the pot.

When her man came over, he griped about how he couldn't win - (both eventually busted out) - but she's giving him a back massage as he's dropping chips. I make a quip about how he's the only one getting the backrub but he mentioned that he pays for that too in his own way - I didn't mention to her I'd be willing to double his offer.

I walked away $85 ahead, but tonight, the definitions of winner and loser just didn't seem to apply. As long as she was going home with him, I wasn't the winner. I was just ahead for the night -

A classic beauty though - made those three hrs go a lot faster for once - wish I had the camera phone, not so that I could post it but just so I could look every now and again.

And then I remember I'm getting old and could be perceived as a dirty old man - yep - definitely not the winner tonight.