Thursday, February 26, 2009

one more point about that post I made on the 23rd -

I believe it was Mike Caro who said "Money flows clockwise" - I can think of no saying that says so little yet says so much about the mechanics of how money works at a table.

Lesson - sit on the LEFT of the loose idiots, not the right. I'll remember that next time - I sorta knew that but there are some who want the loose cannons on their left - don't know why I didn't move right away - (wait, I know - no open seats - LOL)


Monday, February 23, 2009

it's 445AM and zero degrees outside - it was colder inside at the card table. Dropped my 30BB and about 5 more waiting for chicken strips that never got put in as an order.

Saw my KK get capped preflop and lose to guys who called and flopped an open-ender. AK and AQ never hit - just cold. It was one of those games with dumbasses who straddle your blind every time and raise with 10/3 offsuit.

Normally I can still sit tight and get cards on a game like that but another seat was hotter then heck and collared up twice off their poor play. My only comfort is seeing them buy in for a 2nd rack, go busto, and know at least I lost less then they did off their horrendous play. But I think they're rich kids with no jobs going to Miami in a few days, so maybe I got the bad beat after all.

Bankroll has dropped to 1405 - we'll give it a couple days and maybe go back Wed. night


Saturday, February 21, 2009

so the last week or so, I started making trips out to Canterbury Park again to play 2/4 - I somewhat decided to re-invest myself into the game with a 2/4 bankroll of 1200 and see if I could get it up to $1800 and 3/6 but for the purposes of my ATM withdrawl - the first night was only $400 (until I got to another payday)

Overall plan was to get two more withdrawls and start grinding - at some point I'd find a limit I was comfortable at or more likely, would just start playing for my spending money and keeping paycheck going 100% to bills and mortgages

First night I made $125 - second night I made $80 which would cover a third of my destination.

I admit, a $5 rake and $1 jackpot drop is a bit intimiditing, but since it's at a 10% increment, and since most pots don't even get that big, and since I play few big pots as opposed to every other pot, it hasn't been an issue. I'm getting something out of the game again by playing it live and enjoying it more then sitting at the PC.

So last night I had the night off - and I decide to go out again - (gotta stay up late) - and a hand comes up that I'm sorta not paying attention to - a guy goes all in for about 4 bucks - I think there are two callers, but by the river I think it's the all-in and other player -

and the ruckus starts - I'm like "wow, that dude has quads" and the whole table erupts - whoops - bad beat jackpot - we thought it was gonna be for 100K but it was for 22K instead - nevertheless, I became about 1K richer after table share - (7 handed, so we split 5K 5 ways which ain't nothing to sneeze at) - but because of the way the hand played, no one was paying attention because the all-in had no one betting - it was like an 18 buck pot

So this is where Whiskey's headed - a restoration of the blog to it's former poker greatness, with all the jackasses, nincompoops, and nimrods live poker offers - the drunks, weirds, sickos, and losers that inhabit the world - as time permits - or until I have a losing night, which is bound to happen sooner or later -

Meanwhile I have a $600 bankroll online that I need to figure out what to do with - I'm thinking that'll be my tourney bankroll but no idea how to structure it yet - but the live bankroll is now up to $1575 and I'll be making a decision at $1800 whether to go to 3/6 yet or not

In any case, I'm looking forward to some live poker, cute waitresses, $2 baskets of fries, and watered down mountain dew