Wednesday, December 17, 2008

so I have this horrible bad beat story where I won a pot :)

Tuesdays at Canterbury are pocket A's tuesday - if you lose, you get 75 bucks - I got them the first time and won 15 bucks - second time same thing - EP, so I just limp - (if I have a few callers I'll raise just to build a pot) -

flop comes TT6 - I think he bet, and I call
Turn 7 - think he bet - but he mighta checked
river 9 - I figure I can't lose so I might as well bet and try to get $6 - he looks at his cards - complains about having only a 6, and mucks -

the player to his right says "you had a straight" -

and yes, he had an 8, but the cards hit the muck - I almost dragged them out of the muck myself -

so it was another $15 instead of my glorious $75 -

Life has been like that lately - one step forward, six steps back - gonna be a long winter