Tuesday, December 26, 2006

well, I'm more or less moved into a house - ach -

gotta move some band stuff over, clean out the old rooms, but most of the current stuff is here - I saw where NJchick moved to - gotta dig up my livejournal password -

I'm not really in the mood for posting but I should put a couple things out there for the end of the year - expect me to become tighter and cheaper then EVER - only playing tourneys I have a good track record in for 2007 - expect new and serious study of other games as I'm pretty much getting near money on any HORSE or Razz tourney I play but I'd choke in other Stud games -

the blogosphere has changed dramatically in the last few months - I have out of date links and an out of date blog - the poker world has found new poker heros and scapegoats, and I couldn't care less -

all I care about are the cards and whether the player is better or worse then me - the drama aspect of poker is more then played out for me right now - I will set up camp online and await the next volley from the forces of righteousness -

by the way you fuckers, I have a moat -

that's right - a moat - or a depression over my front sidewalk where water puddles - no biggie except during a freezing rain - so my moat is frozen - but I have a moat to Fortress Whiskeytown, so beware, you bastards - gun slits are being installed this week ;)

of course, now I'm seriously considering roommates, seeing as how I'll be up to my ears in hock for 30 yrs if I don't get the payments on the borrowed downpayment wiped out - better figure out how many dependants I can claim -

guess I've stalled long enough - time to go shower and move junk - maybe get a quick tourney in ;)


Friday, December 08, 2006

man - what to say -

been to disneyland - took $360 off some podunk tourists in the foothills of CA playing 3/6 -

waiting to buy a house - good luck at the WPBT - I'll always remember it during the heyday, and now I'm training next week so no last minute vegas trips -

see ya post house purchase, which hopefully will be soon?