Monday, July 31, 2006

I said it before and I'll say it again

if AA is gonna get cracked and yer gonna go bust - better like, the first 5 min.


Friday, July 28, 2006

wow - in a bit of housecleaning, I had to upgrade Amy's link and I see I'm at the top of the blogroll right now - I think I was at the bottom before - so I'll probably work my way back down - LOL -

But since I'm on the top - I better pull an Iggy Uberpost - or at least some quickies, as I call them - (the posts, not a real quickie - never had a real quickie - damn) -


it goes without saying I did not win my Full Tilt satellite last week, Phil Hellmuth DID win his 10th bracelet, and my back is 80% recovered - I shaved my beard and I don't like my chubby face, so it's back on diet drinks and healthy frozen food for a couple weeks - (weight watcher frozen foods and lean cuisine - LOL) - - unfaithful to me this week - AK vs A3 when I'm in the money for a 2K payday and the flop comes 245 - how boned can ya get - saw a lot of 3 outers by players who should have been smart enough to not commit to my raise - ah well -

people like that make us profitable players - I forget - run a search on them in the and you'll find they have barely made the money, if at all - ever -

I wanted 5 final tables for July, but I don't think I'll get the last two unless I have a good week - I'll probably start two-tabling some more to try to have a couple balls in play should I get busted out early.

And unlike ZeeJustin and JJprodigy, I don't mean different accounts in the same tourney - LOL -


personal observation of the day - If Ann Coulter were any more stupid Bill Frist would be posturing in Congress about the need to put her on life support.


the music is not going as I hoped - I got some fine posts/praise for the first three demos but back issues and just general laziness has kept me from the studio - where I record is generally 10 degrees cooler then outside air anyways and we're pushing 95 around here - turn on a mixer board, two amps, and all that jazz and I'd be roasting - I hope to be back in the recording vein shortly - I'm looking forward to previewing "Las Vegas Blvd." someday in a musical setting.


allow me to solicit opinions offline as need be at someplace - I'm getting maybe 2-4 requests a month for advertising on this blog - think I should take it? - I mean, I LIKED Full Tilt, so I keep the banner up - but how can I allow my labor of love to be turned into a prostitute? - But I'm considering it. Perhaps I could lend some credibility to my writing - as reduced as it has become lately -

This is in no way a slam on blogs with ads, but I've never been a salesman, personally - I like fixing, breaking, bitching, shooting, and drinking, but not selling - never have, never will - so I'm not sure I feel like adding more ads -

besides, firefox doesn't even display the one I have right -


I read where someone is shooting a documentary on the NYC underground poker scene which for all intents and purposes is a story of the "rise and fall" - which sounds about right - I gotta say - I got a $5 chip from one club and wanted one from another - (stupid tourney kept the real game from starting) - and I take pride in the fact I have played in an illegal NYC poker club - also liked playing on a Mississippi riverboat -

my favorite poker has always been house games - (except the one I just quit playing in cause of a drunk gorilla) or games where there's a history - there's history (though short) in the NYC poker rooms - there's History on the President's Riverboat Casino in St. Louis -

I think I'll go hit Deadwood in Sept. after all the tourists are gone - let's go play poker in the ol' #10 -


but otherwise..I got nothing - I feel like Joni Mitchell - I can write about Woodstock, but I'm not there - the other bloggers right now, they're at Woodstock -

another year and another missed shot at the WSOP - damn. But this was the first year I was a real profitable contender - so that has to be taken with a grain of salt.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

read this in a chat in a $20 SNG

hellmuth only needs to survive 4 more to win his 10th
so pray for the other 4



Saturday, July 22, 2006

well, it's time for a politics post -

I am a seeker and purveyor of truth - dishonesty is anathema to me - I despise it so much I've walked away from long time acquaintences - no biggie there. -

about 2002, I walked away from the Republican party for a number of reasons, but the primary one being a concern that their desire to merge Church and State bore horrible reprocussions for anyone who loved either Christ or America - Theocracies are the worst form of govt. - even worse then Fascism, IMHO - because a Fascist just wants power over you and maybe your life, but they don't want your soul too.

as I spend more and more time on, I'm reminded that my former brothers/believers aren't convinced that Jesus preached peace - apparnetly, you can quote OT verses when looking for someone to slaughter, but suggest that we go stoning men and women for nocturnal emissions, and you'll be told, that's silly, but if we're living under the Old Testament, hey, let's live under ALL of it -

and let's circumcise every Republican - let's get a late start - LOL - yah that'd be fun - but I digress.

maybe my addictions made me permanently paranoid, but when I read these fine articles about the Christians hyping war in the Middle East, it turns my blood cold cause I know they want war cause they think it will fulfill prophecies about the End Times -

maybe it will, but I suspect their contribution will not be as favorably looked upon by the guy who commanded "Judge not, lest ye be judged" and "Blessed are the Peacemakers"

so anyways, yah, I've been wandering the wilderness, instead of showing up at the WPBT where I could have shown Felicia unconditional love - LOL - but some days, ya just gotta think, given all the REAL serious crap going on, maybe it's time to put away the cards for a bit and get real -

these are deliberate days coming up - may be time for those of us with a critical opinion and a voice to start shouting "Bullshit" more loudly when the President starts moving his mouth.

Cause I believe within 10 years, if they have their way, the right to criticize the administration for it's constant failure and ignorance may become illegal -

a lot rides on Nov - I know enough of computer security and the news today to know that the Diebold Voting machines are a corrupt administration's best friend. Unverified, untested, insecure, and made by a guy dedicated to delivering Ohio's votes to the President, and don't even get me started on the gestapo type tactics of Ohio's Secretary of State -

I guess I'm not writing about poker because I'm opening my eyes and seeing the conditions that bring about a fascist and totaliarian regime unfold before my eyes and I see the fire being applied to the bottom of the Constitution, and I'm losing faith -

to quote HL Menecken again - "There comes a time when every man feels the urge to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats."

How long will God's self-appointed servants rape, murder, kill, and steal in his name - how long will they profit from wars and unrest started by their failed foreign policies - (and make no bones about it - they are war-profiteers) -

the country needs a wakeup call - badly -


from a friend of mine -

Anderson Starts Poker Web Site
Former "Baywatch" star Pam Anderson is so addicted to poker she is launching her own Web site so she can play with fans online.

The star plans to launch on Wednesday in Las Vegas and then immediately fly to France to make preparations for her wedding to Kid Rock on July 29.

According to a source, "It's a beginner's site for poker. All levels are invited. No maximum, no minimum."

Anderson's poker mentor, Doyle Brunson, adds, "Pamela's going to break a lot of hearts at the poker table. It will make her a force to be reckoned with."


y'all know what jumped the shark means, right? -

we're there.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

all right - ONE wsop satellite - the $500 one -


I know what I said I was GONNA do....

but by the time I get home, get to bed, and get up I may not be playing in those two WSOP tourneys -

I'm profitable - don't feel like pissing away half my winnings on a satellite gamble I may not even be able to get off work for - LOL -

I'll work on it a lot harder next year, I'm sure - or a WPT seat - from what I'm hearing, going to the WSOP is like going to 6 days of overcrowded high school with a bunch of foul smelling nits and jerks who watch too much Phil Hellmuth -

Lord, please protect us from the morality police who seek to take Online poker from us. :(


Friday, July 14, 2006

someone somewhere deserves my wrath - allow me to vent a bit -

I saw a review on Stacked - and haven't written anything on it cause I didn't request a copy for review - truth be known, I'd probably have tossed it in the trash.

Why do people who write poker software assume we want an interface with live figures making motions, saying things, and trying to provide an artifical ambiance?

I know the damn thing is saying "nice hand" cause it's programmed and it's not a deliberate compliment -

it seems to me when it comes to online poker, whether thru computer, xbox, or whatever, that the poker player would much rather have a basic interface then those ones like 6 guys sitting at a table, looking stiff, with bad pre-packaged banter. The standard interfaces like Pokerstars and FT are fine - the Party one always irritated me tho and I pulled the people out cause you couldn't tell when someone moved -

the Tournament poker from Donahue games is ok, but seems like the AI is lacking - I guess at this point, I really think the best practice for tourneys is low limit tourneys and SNG's - worked for me ;)

so screw poker software - besides the game isn't fun if money isn't involved - at least not for me - like Daniel N. says - it's gotta be reasonably profitable and I've gotta care about the cash or else the game goes to pot.

rant over.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

decided to take last night's $275 win and splurge with it - playing 3 tourneys including an 180 player $150 tourney -

wow - I just reraised with QQ and got two callers, and bluffed a guy off a hand when the A fell - his early bet felt too much like a probe and I thought a reraise might get him off it -

I guess this is good, people have noticed I'm in a slump, but playing good poker helps it a little bit - LOL - I should point out my ITM percentage is about 23 percent and I'm pretty much consistant with that right now, but I'm just lasting a lot longer and surviving and making 2nd and 3rd place money a lot more then usual -


my bud Bill Mallonee has a new album out - go to - it's phenom. - Bill is a songwriter's songwriter - (like TVZ) - he's still alive but never been able to get past the cult figure label himself, at least yet.

this is the last time I write a post in the middle of a tourney - LOL - got trapped by the overbet when I had AK and put him on a weak hand - fucking KK


another final table in another 220 player tourney - took 3rd this time - only $275 -

it's the principle of the thing - three final tables in a week in three tourneys - dang - it's profitable - up 2K this week so far and prepared to run one more night at it -

probably should be looking at satellites. but the demons of bankroll management are keeping me from the high priced buyin's which means satellite to satellite -

but still, I'm getting hit with the cards/deck - I gotta try to ride the heater.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

kickass -

got bored swung thru a 30 buck pokerstars tourney with 205 players - another 2nd place -

gotta work on my heads up play obviously - lol - seems like I need it more then I used to.


some observations, reflections, jerking off -

two major WSOP tourneys going on this next Sun - I get off work at 7am, come home - asleep from 8 - 3 and I can play in both of them. I'll hit up Pokerstars and Full Tilt - the odds of me winning two seats are nil - LOL - so why not fire both rounds.

But I'm gonna play satellites if I can - try to win my seat satellite wise - these rebuy tourneys are good ways to do it - if it's 10% payout I feel good about it.

I gotta try for the WSOP - it's my first successful tourney year that I'm really proud of in awhile. my ROI is hovering around 60% for 255 tourneys. My 24+2 record at the Full Tilt guaranteed satellites is incredible - easier to get a final table with 540 - LOL.

been listening to a lot of dead men sing about heaven - got the new Johnny Cash V on - also new Soul Asylum - more on that - I do like just buying and downloading music - but I also ordered a couple of those obscure Irish music CD's - one of them in particular had a few tunes I used to sob over in drunken joy on the stream -

back is almost tolerable again - maybe after a good night's sleep - doc said it was just a strained muscle, he thought - I think I was slouching too much - maybe.

the plan for this week was music recording - but hey - let's call it satellite central for the next 48 hrs - if I can win a satellite into a WSOP, I'll give it my best damn run -

first off - the 7.50 Rebuy for the Pokerstars $375 - 90 players - probably about 4 entrys worth so for - I expect less then 9 - well, that's not so hard to do - (post edit - took A2 vs 9T and flop came 8JQ - bwahahahahaha.)

I should add, I've been watching the newest edition of High Stakes Poker at the Palms - by and far my favorite Televised poker game now - just awesome. I feel like I'm almost learning something watching them.


Monday, July 10, 2006

been playing tourneys for so long I forgot how fun it is to pull up a NL table at a moment's notice, double up, and leave - LOL - but I won't leave yet. Just put on Hank Williams Sr., after all.

actually probably going to the doc - urgent care, when it opens in 4 hrs - gotta see what this sharp pain in my left kidney is - I'm probably dying - I know two kidney transplant patients now, and both didn't look so hot - aye aye aye...

I figure if it's a stone I need to try to catch it before the painful trip thru the narrow passage to pain

don't like not being able to walk upright without wincing, so I'm gonna see what my insurance is good for.


got a lot I'm thinking about but I'll let it pass till post urgent care - funny listening to Hank Williams in the dark, singing "I Saw the Light" - and you think how he died might suggest otherwise, but you still believe him when he sings it ;)


Sunday, July 09, 2006

ow ow ow -

every once in a while - usually after too much salt, caffinee, and an obscene amount of other crap I won't write about, I get a pain in a kidney - a lower back sorta pain that can cause mild to moderate discomfort. I thought going to bed would help but 3-4 hrs later I'm still hurting - not so bad if I sit and bend forward but if I stand up I'm soon looking/walking like I'm wounded.

Don't think it's a stone but I'm def. dehydrated - (no, not hungover) - we'll see what a couple days of relaxation does - sucks tho - keeps me apt. bound -

and in spite of this I took $75 when I woke up and turned it into a satellite win for the Full Tilt $215 200000K guarantee tonight - it's doublestack so no updates for a while - LOL

if I find myself prone to Kidney stones I will probably drink till I die - aye aye aye - if it's anything like what I heard and if it feels like this times 10 - I could see how al swearagan would be doubled over in Deadwood in the fetal position :)

ah - so close - I had a 234 player tournament - down to TWO -

I tileted and reraised all in wiht Q7 and ran into AJ -

$930 - insignificant serious win in any thing other then it shows I can still get lucky and I can still play the game.

Hope everyone kicked ass in Vegas.


Thursday, July 06, 2006


everyone keeps mentioning Vegas and how I need to set aside some time -

someone musta scheduled the next WPBT tourney and I'm so out of it I don't know when it is -

sorry guys - I'll catch ya in Dec. again - I'm probably skipping any last minute summer trips this summer -


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

so I play in a poker game on Tues nights - a home game for a company a friend works for - I had good weed at the time so I was invited in and played it for about 10 weeks -

it gets loud and drunk and obnoxious, and I'm ready to leave it for good but then tonight, I decide to go because I'm bored/lonely (and maybe out of smoke ;) - )and it's the most miserable 50 bucks I've ever won - one loud drunk obnoxious asshole ruined the whole process of winning. - there was not enough drugs in the world to sedate me into wanting to sit thru that fucking 4 hr process again.

If it was 5K, I could justify it - but not 50 bucks - time to walk from that poker game, I guess - ah well - not worth it just for the occasional toke of a borrowed stash or the 50 bucks that comes with a 1st place win -

the more withdrawn I get the less tolerant I get - not good. wanted to shove his dark sunglasses up his ass - got beer dumped on me - like fucking grade school again - I didn't blow up - didn't say a word - walked away but ya know - fuck that ape.

the joy is slipping away again - hate it when that happens cause I never know how I am when I come out of it.

this goes on to the whole "High Stakes Poker" I've been watching - had them tivo'd and watched them the last couple nights - I have been and always thought the idea of putting someone on tilt is fine if it's based on the game - but thru trash-talking and being a fucking wanker - man...I want people like that to have heart attacks right there at the table and be carried out so someone nice and sweet like that tall girl from the Bellagio can take their place - LOL - (she was from Denmark, actually - )

I'm tired of assholes - I feel I've earned the right to ignore them without any reprocussions anymore. I predict some serious melodrama at this year's WSOP and I haven't even read the coverage yet -