Tuesday, February 28, 2006

woo hoo- hate mail!

You're a fucking douchebag. Go blow a goat you loser.

PS: Get a life.

I can see where it's a good thing violence runs in my blood - I may need it again someday :)

PS - I'm still not a cheat ;) - to me, a cheat is worse then a snitch, so I don't even judge snitches in this spot - merely douchebags like yourself.


Monday, February 27, 2006


I get down to 10 bucks of my $400 in tourney dollars I was converting - I have $300 and need to make a $100 win - but I gave up, of course....decided to cash out after this last $20 tourney.

I take 3rd for $920 or so -

yah, it's good to take a break - I had about 3-4 hands where I was about oh, handed a double up like it was candy - free flops with BB's that gave me a pretty solid lock and I made drawing hands pay - made good laydowns -

well, that'll work - 1K closer to being back in the red :)

nice - I'm making final tables about 20% of the time I've made the money according to Pokerdb.com - sweet - at least that's a good pattern to be stuck in.


Friday, February 24, 2006

ya know - this gets old -

well known online pro gets caught cheating - he goes "Well, that wasn't what I originally intended, but easy money and all - hey haven't you broken the rules? - They'll take your money too!!!"- It's become the standard response - and several other big online pros have remained strangely silent on the topic - LOL.

I have a pretty strong moral compass - I consider it a basic extension of the Golden Rule - and I will admit I'm not as good a player as ZeeJustin, but I have honor and I can hold my head up high and say I've never cheated at poker -

and that's worth a lot more then the 200K they took from him and JJprodigy. It's worth over 200K to me anyways.

They just don't get it - but then if their honor and the integrity of the game is worth nothing to them, the money won't hurt too badly either, I suspect.

I've submitted the story to Slashdot.org -- there is a general undercurrent amongst the vast majority of poker writers with something to lose that writing bad stuff about poker is a fast way to unemployment - editors who won't write about colluding allegations cause it could "hurt" poker are worse then the guys actually cheating. Not rumormongering obviously, but the outcry from the Poker Community, esp. outside online, has been sadly silent for the most part - maybe after the WPT invitational or something.

But I would like to push the story into mainstream media - we gotta air our laundry and clean house folks - and this is the dirtiest shit I've seen since I started playing the game.

I actually remember a bible verse in times like this that may be the truest thing i've ever read regarding matters like this.

Luke 16:10 - The one who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and the one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.



I'm getting way too much joy from news like this.

Another multi-accounter taken down - a big one - ZeeJustin -

another guy claiming what he did was unethical but technically not against the rules since a bug in Party's client allowed you to open multiple windows at once -

another cheat.

that $215 is gonna be a bit softer this Sun :)


Saturday, February 18, 2006

between this Feburary Album Writing month and my new love of a game called Battlefield 2, the poker/blog updates were sorta sparse this week - partially due to my cashout, partially due to burnout, and partially due to a re-allocation of resources.

I've been thinking a lot about music lately - it's was and always will be my first love - more then poker, and more then blogging - I think I can push things a little further there then most -

Been thinking about God a lot more, and I would like to do some writings on that - a la fredrick buchener or something - philosophy and an interpretation of what I understand the Christian Life to be. The fact that this contradicts a large chunk of what the Religious Right says Christianity is encouraging to me - someone has to shake the stick somewhere - LOL.... - let's make Pat Robertson shit his pants when I'm done tearing a new hole in his ass to match the two he already has in his ears - he keeps his head up there so much anyways he needs an extra airway to breathe thru.

Listening to Pauly talk this week, and reading what I'm seeing out there makes one thing clear to me, as a poker blogger, I can't draw a crowd - I got more comments from the songs then I did about the posts of the 140K cheater and his subsequent loss of said funds - He has come clean and admitted he cheated and deserved to lose the 140K prize, BTW -

"The account 'ABlackCar' was not made for multi-accounting. It was intentionally made for my grandma for her birthday present. However, it was never given to her. So, I had an extra account. Yes, I multi-tabled. Yes, it is incredibly easy. Yes, many people do it was . You really have no idea about the situation"

Maybe it's cause I've busted my ass at poker and only gotten small returns and it's partially because guys like this are responsible. I've gotten returns nevertheless, but they are lower then I'd like them to be - a lot of dishwater tourney finishes - maybe it's the massive amount of traffic that other bloggers get and I don't - maybe I just suck as a poker writer. I was hoping by throwing the JJProdigy story out here I'd get more traffic redirected etc, etc - but I'm probably dreaming.

but I really don't feel like writing much about poker right now - a good chunk of me is saying "when the two year anniversary comes, what if I never wrote here again" and part of me just wants to go "meh" -


I'll be amazed if I last 6 more months on 2+2 - I have in at least two seperate forums called people to the Mat if they wanna rumble - once in SNG/One table forums and once in the OOT (other off topics) -

I have my share of disgruntled people - Generally I am universally loved or reviled - I accept that, but I don't accept being reviled in print by people who are so clearly beneath me I can't tell if it's Jealously or Stupidity motivating them, so I made a couple angry posts telling people to shut the fuck up. - The 2nd one turned into a Whiskeytown Love Fest, which other people promptly started bitching about -

Every time I say this, I lose a few votes to any future political career, but the fact is, it would be better for the Human Race if we didn't coddle and protect the stupid people in life so much. I feel like making a "You are Stoopid" shirt - LOL -

Am I really that smart and conceited? - only about one or two things - my music and my writing - if you can keep up with me, feel free to criticize - otherwise, I'm swinging back - ;) - Hell, I don't even gotta swing back -

I think Woody Guthrie said it best and I'm paraphrasing - I'll find the exact quote later -

- he said without their music, their empty words and mindless chatter, we'd have nothing to compare our work to - it makes us look bold and proud compared to the mindless rantings of the majority - that applies to writers, musicians, and individuals -

Fuck the lowest common demoninator.


Friday, February 17, 2006

more info from JJprodigy - he admits to cheating and apolgized -

says he knows guys with 10 accounts -

I'm about two steps shy of taking about 6 months off...fruck...this is heartbreaking cause you KNOW it's going on and all the sites have to do is ban the same IP to take out 50% of it, but they won't do it.


ok...sounds like justice has been served in the "two accounts" issue with Party discussed this week. - one less rich cheat in the world.

Same IP, same computer - Party did the right thing - nipped it in the bud before it got out of hand. - Well done.

Maybe I will put a banner of theirs up - LOL.


Monday, February 13, 2006

This is really fucking ugly.

JJprodigy, a well known online MTT'er won over 100K this week on a Party tourney. Actually, he busted out early and took over his grandma's account, who was also playing.

Party won't do a goddamn thing about it - apparently it's ok now to play multiple accounts in the same tourney. This shit wouldn't fly in the real poker world (B&M) - but he still has his defenders - the Grandma defense - sounds like something a legal expert would tear him a new asshole for if it ever got to trial.

If I had a party poker banner I'd pull it - fuck. (sorry, Iggy - find bonus codes for other sites please) - I hope other sites start implementing a police with one IP, one account on site - multiple accounts on one site = fuck em - there are enough poker sites out there with enough good games that 3 guys who are roommates can stagger.

It won't stop ALL cheating - I could have three IP's coming into this house in a week - but it'd slow it down.

I hope they take that little cunt's money away - but they won't - cause more buyins equals more profits -

welcome to the ugly side of online poker - if I were in that tourney, I'd raise such a stink that it'd bring down Party's stock prices - on RGP, 2+2, UPF, Cardplayer fourms, and everywhere. Here's another 2+2 thread discussing it, BTW - some players like myself are furious, others don't seem to have an issue with it. Guess a little moral flexability is +EV, and therefore justified in their eyes - whoever they are, they're no friend of mine.

and if I were an online poker site, I'd point out this issue with Party Poker's support and set up my site so it was one ip, one person at the game - [censored] multiple roommates - there are other places to play. I'd do everything possible as a business to use this sort of crap to take business away from folks who care more about making money then putting up an honest game.

I put cheaters as below lawyers and toxic waste dumps in my tolerance for them. [censored] him and and the "grandma" defense. I think what's bugging me the most is how many defenders he has on places like Pocket 5's - and esp. how many of them are big name internet players - makes you wonder how many big name players do this online.

know what else I'd do...I'd rat him out to the IRS - grandma won 130K? - Let's see how that'll be taxed. I bet they'd like to get a close look at where and how that money is actually being accounted for - I suspect it's not - he who will cheat at poker will undoubtly be willing to cheat on his taxes.

JJprodigy, you are a fucking wanker. You bring shame to poker with this "it was unintentional and my grandma's account defense." - I hope they take away everything you've won and you're back to asking folks if they want their fries supersized.

now and always, sincerely,

average week overall - I had 400 in tourney dollars - I have about 108 left and only have made about 230 in cash, so I'm behind about $70 from a break-even conversion of tourney to real dollars - no biggie - one or two good MTT's can fix that - maybe the $20 180 player SNG's - those are soft.

Well, I took my money I withdrew cashwise - my CC balance was a little higher then I remembered it being - so it took the cashout and most of my check - I'm living on about $350 for the next two weeks and probably only $500 the two after that after all expenses ;) - but my credit card debt from when I was unemployeed is offically history - my biggest interest sucker.

I still have 3500 I owe for ye ol' big screen TV - but that was a good investment - worth the kaching - LOL - and no interest on that - I'll make that go away in about 3 months unless I get a big ass ol' tourney win somewhere -

and despite my slight setbacks, the fact is I've been playing slightly profitable poker for about 6 weeks now, made a few final tables, and am just sitting tight, waiting for the winter to end.

that damned credit card haunted me for years - I'm glad it's gone.


Sunday, February 12, 2006

been a while since I posted any lyrics on here -

god I hate this time of year worse then Christmas - everyone's ready to rub their engagement rings in your faces.

these days Townes is the only thing that really makes sense to me



by Townes Van Zandt

Hey mama, when you leave
don't leave a thing behind
I don't want nothin'
I can't use nothin'

Take care into the hall
and if you see my friends
tell them I'm fine
not using nothin'

Almost burned out my eyes
threw my ears down to the floor
I didn't see nothin'
I didn't hear nothin'

I stood there like a block of stone
knowin' all I had to know
and nothin' more
man, that's nothin'

As brothers our troubles are
locked in each others arms
and you better pray
they never find you

Your back ain't strong enough
for burdens doublefold
they'd crush you down
down into nothin'

Being born is going blind
and buying down a thousand times
to echoes strung
on pure temptation

Sorrow and solitude
these are the precious things
and the only words
that are worth rememberin'

Saturday, February 11, 2006

man...I think some of these online sites have contests within the support department to see how badly they can cheat someone before they get pissed and leave the site, disgusted with the 3 outers...

fucking amateur hr. today, I tell ya...

I had 627 in cash and 4xx something in tourney dollars - took out most the cash so I can totally wipe out my credit card debt (about 500 shy of doing so - LOL) - and I'll just play the tourney dollars -

but if the dildos on Pokerstars keep busting me with 3 outers, it won't be long and I'll be depositing it again...

hate it when I sit down, play my best, and get my balls kicked by A4 to my A9 - man...fucking amateur hr.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

I've been taking lunch hours - I never used to - I'd eat at my desk and get a paid lunch but lately I've been going to my band's practice space or driving 12 min. home, 12 back, and shaving a 15 min. break somewhere else to do it.

and no, I am not lighting up on lunch break - my job's too tough to do that crap and work - poker, on the other hand, I could do on my most hungover and drunk night - that was the night I won 1700 - LOL.

BR back in 4 digit territory again - thank god.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

wow - all that work on my $10 SNG's has paid off big time.

Won TWO double shootouts in a row last night for a Pokerstars $215 seat - 64 players - 8 to a table - you play till you win your table - then you start over on a new table with all the winners. Top two get a seat, the other 6 generally get what 2nd place would be in a $10 sng - 35 bucks -

First one the rounds were 15 min. - I signed up for a turbo the 2nd time and that was coin flip central, but the trick is to reduce those as much as possible, and I can do that.

As of this morning, the BR that started at $300 has offically crossed into 4 digit territory. of course, $400 of it is in Tourney dollars, but those convert over to regular dollars with a bit of effort :) -

and they sell almost dollar for dollar on the open range - LOL.


I deleted something off my hard drive tonight - I won't say what, but let's just say it can't be retrieved, and at one time, it was very precious to me -

I guess it still was - it was just time to delete it...I did it voluntarily.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

all righty - you guys get super secret privileges this week...

not trying to advertise these - thanks... BUT I'm recording 14 demos this month for Feburary Album Writing Month - (I'm not good enough to write a novel but I can write a few songs)

they're being hosted here - no comments or titles on them right now - just acoustic demos - I HOPE to have 14 by the End of the month and enough songs for a solo recording with friends shortly thereafter.



Monday, February 06, 2006

This bodes ill will for poker bloggers

we're either about to be totally outclassed or drowned in crap - one of the two...but the good players don't stick around this forum too long -

GL folks - maybe I'll keep my posts up a while longer - lol - keep the history alive.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

man, I will say this. I have periods of drought - I'm unable to follow up a big win with another one right away - yeesh. I gotta read more - Kill Phil's coming soon - I'm excited for that one.

I played a $109 today - out of BR scope but within means - I figure for a month of good behavior I'm entilted to occasionally risk 1/5th my BR on a decent tourney online - I lost -

then played a $36 satellite for a $215 - played about 5 this year so far with no luck - I win it - cashed out the satellite seat.

I then sign up for a $11 turbo - invest $31 and bust -

so I'm ahead - barely :) - I think I'll keep working on my .50/$1.00 limit game tonight - :)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

quote of the week - this SO has to go into a fortune cookie

Those with a generally sunny outlook on life expect to succeed and tend to deny responsibility when they perform badly."

Thursday, February 02, 2006

at a time and place of my choosing, before it's 2nd birthday, this blog will be obliterated and started over. :) - it will have more updates, fewer rantings, and more personal stuff will be spun off somewhere else - this is going to become a POKER blog again.

So enjoy while you can - It's time to kick this one up a notch - I'll archive everything, but I think it's time to look at other blog options, and it's time for this thing to stop sucking so much - LOL.


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

three tabling .50/$1 Limit games - trying to chill - get my mojo back.

Here are my Top 5 Janurary Results for poker - ring games about even despite early gains, and the tourney numbers made a small rebound - not great, but it was sort of an off mid-month - I think a bit of focus and I can make Feb. better -
the important thing is that Jan. was a profitable month :) - and there was a lot of room for it to be unprofitable- I didn't win the 4th place prize and sit the whole month - I put that income out there as capital, and sure as hell, I got a slight return on my investment (27%, it turns out) - aye aye aye...

not the best month but not bad. - Great SNG results for the month.

I'd type more but pulled a neck muscle - gonna chill for a day or two - order delivery and sit in the recliner a bit - fraggen neck -