Thursday, June 30, 2005

"There comes a time when every man feels the urge to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats." - H.L. Mencken


Iggy, the blogfather is back - posting Gary Carson rants and uberposting us all into lost workplace productivity -

Man, Iggy, I coulda used you this week - you and me and a bottle of Jameson 1.5 Liter - LOL - glad you're back.


yikes - I underestimated the ease with which I could clear any part of that bonus - two tabling on a couple games yesterday got me 5 bucks, or .1 percent -

In all fairness, I should clairify, I am up 70 bucks - (EDIT - tag another 100 on to that for flopping trips vs. the nut flush draw) - but just only 5 bucks in bonus money - LOL - I like the idea of the dealers choice games - but we need more players - most definately - I think I am incapable of understanding the concept of deferred rewards - LOL

Felicia went to play Razz - I find myself like someone scanning the war memorials or headlines, looking for a survivor or KIA, but she's not on the list for day two - not this time...

I feel like shit - bad dreams - dreamed there were 7 Q's in the deck on the craps table and I lost 500 bucks and I was fighting tooth and nail to get it back.

Yes, you read that right - 7 Queens in the 7 card stud game at the craps table - I have no idea how that worked - but I lost money, and it sucked cause it wasn't my fault -

and bar employees inviting me back to afterparty but I could never find the place - cops busting me for drugs I don't own - getting paid in crappy poker chips (the 10 cent kind, not the nice Paulsons) -

What a shit dream - if work is nice then the dreams will be better - LOL


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

well, I'm sure Asia K will be happy to note that I have deposited money at Gamesgrid, and listed her as a referer - I think that gives her a kickback on the rake, or maybe not, since she's an employee - LOL

I'm curious to see how quickly I can clear this 1000% bonus (no shit - I'm in shock) - but as soon as I get the money in there, the site appeared to start disconnecting everyone on a regular basis - LOL

ah well, I need a nap anyways - maybe it'll stablize in a couple hrs - I may take Wed. off next week too - I don't like the 4 day work weeks and after studying my brains out this week, I deserve one - LOL


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ok, so in retrospect, if I scheduled a Cisco Exam on Tuesday, it MAY not be in my best interests to go out 3 nights and drink followed by two nights where I'd go to Canterbury Park and gamble till daylight -

both times I went with friends who drove, and this morning, his radiator hose cracked near Savage - so I got home 2 hrs later then usual to not nearly the amount of sleep I should have -

I decided to sleep for an extra hr. instead of reviewing my practice questions one more time, cause I can't study for shit when tired anyways -

and I get there, and get in and take the exam after living a week of being the degenerate alcoholic gambler/womanizer I am. (or rather would like to be in the case of womanizing) -

If there was any justice in this world, as some define justice (which includes leveling David Souter's house for a new hotel) - , I'd have failed and left with my tail between my legs, curled up on the couch and cried for a wasted effort and $125 down the drain. (well, not my $125, but you get the idea)

But there is no justice in the world - and I'm living proof - and I made the CCNA my bitch, baby - and I smacked it around like a fresh fish in the State Penn, and now it's doing my laundry for me and giving me oral at nights - -

One less HEAVY thing on my plate this yr.....yah baby.


Monday, June 27, 2005

in the midst of last night's activities I actually made it out to Canterbury for 3 hrs - I had a friend who wanted to play live and see what it felt like, so we went out and played 3/6 -

I won 27 bucks, but it was interesting - It's been a LONG time (like over a year) since I lost with a flopped set to a higher flopped set -

also a long time since I lost with QQ to KK and AA - all preflop hands - LOL -

could have won some big pots in short order otherwise - :)

and believe it or not, there's been a lot of negative energy used on the Whiskeytown Poker Tour - seems a few 2+2'ers think it's a waste and negative EV - they could be right - maybe I'll let it go - I dunno -

I'll do some CCNA studying, and then back out to Canterbury for some late night poker - and tomorrow we take the mother of all networking certification exams - yeesh -


Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm real busy this week - but now's as good a time as any to reannounce the start of the (drum roll please)


Yes, it's that time where I look at the red columns on my spread sheet, get pissed, and decide to play only the games I'm negative in until I get them into positive territory.

Last yr, I was under a bit of pressure - (6 weeks) - and I gambled too much trying to make up my losses - this year I have more time to kill - and my games are a lot different - Last year I didn't have red ink in Tourneys - thanks to that $540/130 stint at Bellagio, I'm down much further then usual - $1200 bucks -

Here's what I need to wipe out still (took care of NL SNG's, $.50/1 Limit games and the 0.02/0.04 NL already - they were really close to even.)

Limit games -

1/2 $73
2/4 $327
3/6 $241
4/8 $46

(my 5/10 and 6/12 are +EV right now - so no more of them - EXCEPT 6/12 at Canterbury which is too juicy to pass up) -


No Limit $1,223
Pot Limit $54
Limit $162
Satelite $130

terrible results here this year - atrocious - though a couple final tables last night after a night of moderate drinking took $100 off it

NL games -

NL 0.10/0.25 $31
NL 0.50/1 $71

I've got columns under NL that are +$600 from Vegas - these are just little games I probably played, lost, and never went back to - this should be easy to get rid of -

SO, there you have it - the red ink - I've wiped out 3 columns already - (they were all under 20 bucks or were BARELY unprofitable like SNG's where I've improved a lot but had to make up for the first 3 months where I sucked) - by focusing on these games, and going over ground, I hope to bring them back up to A game status.


Matthew Ryan's "Concussion" has a special place in my heart -

I had just started my first job in 6 months - I was driving down for an uncertain job as a Contractor - I had bought big ass old bottles of Jack Daniels (which is what I was drinking) and slamming down a 1/5th every day on a bad week, and maybe one a week on a good one ( though I'd be lying if I said I kept that 1/5th down if I drank it in one night - weak stomach)

and I'd get up and I'd have Matthew on my CD player as I drove down shit avenue (Central Ave. Minneapolis) going past dogshit buildings and dogshit neighborhoods to a dogshit job that had no vacation, no benefits, and no future, cause it was a 4-6 week job - and I'd work 12 hrs and I'd drive home to a dogshit borrowed room borrowed from a friend in a dogshit house where it was best to have bullets in your pistol just in case.

and it was winter, so you could feel old man ice creeping on your windshield past the empty spaces past the Rainbow Parking Lot (can you believe I use to walk three blocks thru that shit winter?) - and he'd catch the slush and try to make the winshield wipers smear -

and it was always dark cause I had to be there by 7am, and I'd go to work hungover at 7am, work till 7pm, never see sunlight, and go home and want another 8 shots ofof my angel whiskey - living in my friend's spare bedroom, hiding from the world and my ex-gf, who's best friend was fucking my friend and broke up his marriage thanks to them meeting thru my band....

and on my worst days, I'd print out quotes by Robert Browning

"I give the fight up: let there be an end,
A privacy, an obscure nook for me.
I want to be forgotten even by God."

and I'd dream of even a more obscure nook then the one I inhabited - I dreamed of buying a grave and falling asleep on top of it and seeing if I could give up the fight...

and it made me want to drink even more, and I'd hear "Happy Hour" and "Chickering Angel" and I'd dream of dive bars and things that could make me forget that I existed....

I don't go back to that road nearly as much as I used to - and it nearly killed me, but on a lonely night, where all hell freezes over, and car engines seize up, she reminds me that we could always get back together and try again...and the older and more lonely I get, the more seductive she sounds...


I'll tell you something that scares the hell out of me....

I can go out, drink 8 shots of whiskey, and come home and sign up for 3 tournaments online -

and I can break a 10 game losing streak and place in 2 of the three (2 of them were freerolls - one I took 2nd in) -

it's like when I was cute in the old days, and I could drink and meet women, and now I can drink and place in tournaments -

WTF sort of life is that where I perform better drunk then sober - (although after 3 hrs and 5 big glasses of water, I'm barely scratching the surface of drunk anymore...)

I guess I was always destined to be Whiskeytown


holy, shit, - I cannot BELIEVE I never got this up here....

goddamn - the soundtrack to the movie of MY LIFE -

wayside - (back in time) - by Gillian Welch -


Standing on the corner with a nickel or a dime
There use to be a rail car to take you down the line
Too much beer and whiskey to ever be employed
And when I got to Nashville, it was too much soldier's joy
Wasted on the wayside, wasted on the way
If I don’t go tomorrow, you know I’m gone today

Back baby, back in time
I wanna go back when you were mine
Back baby, back in time
I wanna go back when you were mine

Black highway all night ride
Watching the times fall away to the side
Clear channel way down low
Is comin’ in loud and my mind let go

Peaches in the summertime, apples in the fall
If I can’t have you all the time, I won’t have none at all
Oh, I wish I was in Frisco in a brand new pair of shoes
I’m sittin’ here in Nashville with Norman’s Nashville blues
So come all you good time rounders listenin’ to my sound
And drink a round to Nashville before they tear it down

Back baby, back in time
I wanna go back when you were mine
Back baby, back in time
I wanna go back when you were mine
Hard weather, drivin’ slow
Buggies and the hats are in town for the show
Oh darlin', the songs they played
All I got left is the love we made

Back baby, back in time
I wanna go back when you were mine
Back baby, back in time
I wanna go back when you were mine

Friday, June 24, 2005

somedays I just want to kill these ignorant fucks -

Whiskeytown limps in a 5 handed pot with A3 Hearts in MP

flop comes K74 hearts - I bet knowing I'll get 3 callers - normally I wouldn't flopping the nuts, but trust me, they'll call

turn 7 clubs - bet, raise/reraise - 3 bets on turn

river A diamonds - bet/raise - chump turns over A7 for a runner runner boat - no flush draw - just a pair of 7's on a monotone board that he went runner runner to hit -

I think Bender had the right idea - Kill all Humans..

I kid you not, I better be careful - I'm gonna go out one night, get drunk, come home - pass out, and wake up in the morning and find the headline on the website has changed to

"All dumbfucks who call with any two suited (and go runner runner) must die" -

I ended up leaving 5 bucks down when I raised with JJ and got heads up against J4 suited - you can guess how that fucker ended. - although as usual, I actually ended up for the session - (up 10 bucks on the other table) - wiped out a red column on .5/$1

Maybe I will stop playing on Doyle's Room - or stop playing for a week - - my anger levels are getting to be a bit too heavy....


Thursday, June 23, 2005

mother of god - I'm bitter - LOL

just read my last post proofreading - such bitter bile and hate filled rhethoric - actually the last couple days have been like that - anger seething out over bad beats and stupid players who make the wrong plays and knock me off monster pots, and both times, I actually left UP for the night - LOL

I'm like AlCantHang - I just really dislike stupid people - we need a massive proof of Darwin's Theory to knock down about 200 mil. people - this would be good -

believe it or not, I'm mostly a nice guy - Never ever hit a woman (a girl in 5th grade maybe) - almost never blow up or shout my ass off - I just seem to have a few issues with bad beats - - I need someone to soothe me when the bad beats come and say they're all right -

For the time being, I am kicking up my dosage of slow airs and Irish/celtic music - that'll help a bit -


heh...about to start another Whiskeytown Poker Tour to eliminate red gaps in the spreadsheet - (last one was an absymal failure) -

Today I put $100 into Doyle's Room - a nice room for LL slumming at 1/2 and so forth - I've also taken steps to get $500 in to UB as we speak...

hilarious 100 minutes - had so many big hands cracked and was ahead so many times and got run down - lost a 50 buck pot when I flopped the nut st8 and lost to a flush - I don't mind losing to those so much when they flop 4 to the draw, but playing fucking J4 suited? -

as I'm doing this, I'm watching MTV's Made - and I'm imaging what I would tell a kid who wanted to become a great poker player - I'd tell him it's all one game, and if you're making the right plays, then it'll come back to you...and not to tilt, though after my 4th rundown I smacked my recliner pretty hard out of frustration...

but a couple of key hands and I'm back in - the chaser who chased with 8T to my KT and we both river trips put in 3 bets and this time, he didn't have the 8 - I left after 100 minutes almost 3 bucks up - which is totaly insignificant except it represents a $30 downswing and recovery -

then I had to go to work - and the table was getting tough - chumps were leaving and the new guys would easily raise/reraise on the flop - I could see tough times ahead so I left 20 min. ahead of schedule -

but fuck....stupid fucking amateurs - LOL - raise with my A5, run into my KK, and call a flop bet to catch runner/runner A - numbnut fuckheads -


ach....this is why you leave money in online accounts -

cause when you actually have 3 hrs before work and the card club is too far, it'll give you a chance to do something -

I'm gonna take advantage of Ultimate Bet's 40% deposit offer - a Neteller deposit takes 5 days - I can't justify doing an EFT for this and eating 9 percent juice, so it's regular deposits for me...

ah well - gives me time to keep reading up on LL holdem - My friend Adam voicemailed me and told me he's been playing it, so a partner in crime would be a nice addition - LOL


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Billy Corgan released his first solo album on Tues -

I loved the Smashing Pumpkins, read Billy's guitar lessons in Guitar Player magazine, and used to pump "Mellon Collie" up at full blast from a 120 min. cassette in a boom box in my room where I worked as a printer. I cranked fuzz, listened to the dynamics, and just generally was a mega fan with the CD's, although I didn't get a lot of the history/backstory on the band. I bought Ava Adore, downloaded the tracks for that followup to their last album, and have tried to get into his stuff whenever I could. I had no problems hanging out in the netherworld of the outfield where they were, though sometimes the curve into right field stranded me at center, too far away to catch some pop fly balls, whereas other ones that came easily to me like "Today" or "Spaceboy" I snagged no sweat.

Billy has now been posting "confessions" or an autobiograpy of sorts in segments on his website - it's brutally sensitive, but very cool - Apparently guys don't like it, but it shouldn't be no surprise to anyone who reads here that it wouldn't bother me in the least. A couple stories (like living in his practice space) I totally understand....LOL - I wish I had the dedication he had to music back then -

I'm gonna post a link to it here - it's not poker, but it's something I want to read, so it's being added - it's my goddman blog - damnit.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'll tell you what's really sad -

when you play 6/12 for 10 hrs - get up to $350 profit, bleed $200 of it back before going, and all you can think about is the $200 you lost, not the $150 overall profit you made - I remember when I'd be thrilled to walk away $150 up - now I just see the hands I lost and the beats I took and the things I did wrong, even with $150 more then I started with today.

but then, I've been in a pretty bad funk lately - some lady didn't believe I was 32 - she thought I looked 40 - that fucking sucks -

but mostly, I guess it's just those lonely whiskeytown blues.


oops - drunk post - DELETED - LOL - didn't realize I was in that bad of a mood at 2:30 - sheeeit.

I have at least 7 posts in my mailbox saying they need my account info for Marshall and IIsley -

hard to believe this crap still works - unreal - I don't even know who they are - I would consider making something up - but I'm scared if I even click on the link to make fake shit up that activex will get into my box and screw with things-

It's Tuesday - Pocket A's always win on Tues. at Canterbury till 6pm - (If they lose, you get 75 bucks) - but I want 6/12, so at that limit, one has to play the hand for the money - cause at Canterbury, a 6/12 pot can almost exceed 75 bucks -


Saturday, June 18, 2005

A quote from Billy Graham - in - regarding things he would have done differently...

Looking back, the son of North Carolina farmers said one regret is that he didn't join the battle for civil rights more forcefully. Graham ordered racial integration of seating at his meetings in the South a year before the Supreme Court's school desegregation ruling.

But "I think I made a mistake when I didn't go to Selma" with many clergy who joined the Alabama civil rights march led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. "I would like to have done more."

I don't know why, but for some reason I smiled when I read that. So rare you hear of anyone saying "I was wrong" -

I don't lump him in necessarily with all the control freaks and TV Evangelists that I know of who dominate the landscape of disdain that is my opinion. I think he did good things - sounds like his NYC Crusade will be his last...

Rock on.


This is a very good and very heavy article - by one of my fav. writers.

Worth a read and a thinking -


he wants to do it....can whiskeytown make an irreverant uberpost as he used to do in the good ol days.....does he still have the mojo or has cynicism and world weariness taken it from him....


(think Masters of the Universe, He Man shouting - BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL - and then just stretch it out to WHISKEY - I even have some swords I can stick in the air....) - Speaking of which, my favorite intro was always on Pokerstars...

back in the good old days, when tourney fields were smaller, I saw a lot of the same players every night and we had fun - Krazy Kanuck used to find me and he'd start with the line "Won't you take me to" followed by "whiskeytown" - a play off funkytown. (someday, Ryan Adams is either gonna sue my ass or give me an annoying drunk phone call bitching about borrowing his old band name for my online poker moniker - ah well.) -

I haven't done one of these work uberblog posts for awhile - quite frankly, we're too busy and they moved a coworker so that he can turn around and see what I'm doing and that pisses me off - but it's 5am, things are quiet, and he's snoozing - LOL

Poker...Poker...what the fuck am I playing poker for - did a couple NL tables today on Doyle's Room - didn't do so hot - died on one table to a moron with a flush draw and only won 10 bucks on the other one - almost made my losses back on the other table but did the ol' QQ into AA challenge and lost - no biggie.

Gotta read all of Harrington on Holdem if possible- I feel like playing in Sunday's $400 NL Canterbury tourney - it's not the biggest crapshoot in the world, and it's good money and doesn't sell out - we'll see how it goes. I tend to get plastered on Sat. night usually, so I'll have to hold back. Never have placed in a Canterbury NL event, and my live NL games were few and far between until my Vegas trips - then I did ok at Imperial Palace but that's it....

Felicia was to have played in the Stud Hi/Lo event at the WSOP - god bless her, but even before I read her report, I knew one of the first words out of her mouth would be "crapshoot" - LOL - but maybe not the greatest structure for the stud 8 event. She's helping out a fellow blogger by talking to a few great poker players while another person slowly takes a beating from Cancer. She's trying something experimental called breast milk theapry - good luck with that...

Speaking of which, we lost Karl Mueller today to throat cancer at 41. To the vast majority of you, it's karl who? - but to those of us from Minnepolis, Karl was the bass player for Soul Asylum and one of the main lynchpins of what was the Minneapolis Music Scene. I met Dave Pirner about a month ago at Applebee's and I was sorta under the impression that Karl was doing ok - but I guess not...I still remember loving the way the bass line went up at the end of Misery and realizing how crucial it was to music. (most of my life, I listened to music on dogshit speakers with no bass) - In the mid 90's, though, I wanted to be Soul Asylum. Had the long hair, the ripped jeans, the fuzz amp, and the Les Paul - it was a good time - when you weren't too old still to rock and roll - now I need a shelf to hang the gut on when playing....

how about some quickies....


my sudden weight loss of last week is slowly reversing - thanks to a week of "I don't give a shit" eating - back to 212 - probably 213 after a Domino's Sausage Lover's Pizza....

In retrospect a lot of the weight loss can be blamed on me shaving the beard - LOL -got tired of it - but unlike the hair on my head which goes grey and thins out, this will grow back in 3 weeks time the moment I want it, so no worries there.


My friend Bill Mallonee is broker then hell again and trying to sell two amps - I am not sure if I want to buy one or not - One is a early 90's VOX AC30, the other is a mid/late 90's Fender Twin - both slightly overpriced for history's sake, but both have carrying cases and I can do an installment plan of 2-3 months. but then that last one I bought from him fizzled out after two hrs. and took 200 bucks in repairs to get back to golden - so I just don't know.

My whole band feels like it's on life support - the will to live is there, but not to get out of the hospital bed - we've had to cancel a few practices cause one person can't make it, we have no gigs, and literally, almost no will - Half the band is in relationships and have lives outside the band that need tending, 1/4th is in one that needs a lot of work and is stretching him thin, and well, I'm just not giving a fuck about hounding everyone, but I have no life without the band - LOL. In fact, virtually every woman I've met the last two yrs. that I dated I met while playing music - LOL. And of course, she had the good graces to hit on me cause I'm a gutless wonder - well done.

Without music, I'm just a failed poker player and a middle class guy with a nice computer and big TV, but nothing else - I need that outlet....somehow.

My family is slowly decending into madness - someday there's gonna be some real bad blood where there once was none, and it really pisses me off, but I'm going to insulate them from this world - I hate bringing work or family into this thing - but it kills me to see conflict developing between people I really love - but I can't do a damned thing about it out here, and maybe that's for the best.


Played the hell out of Starfleet Command 3 with the Mod - Generations at War. This was something I could never do on the old box due to Win98 mem. leaks -but now no issues. Speaking of issues, I tend to lose DNS connectivity if I don't use it for a few hrs and have to restart - not happy about that - it happens whether or not I engage the internet lock, so I've been doing it anyways. - for those of you not in the know, that keeps all traffic off my PC - I'm pretty paranoid about XP - it's too damned easy to control with bots/trojans -


2+2 get-together this weekend in Vegas - I'm not going - it'll be over by Sun. and I'm sick of flying and I'll be in NYC next month and want to save some money. Besides, Drunk Magoo poker isn't my thing - the WPBT, on the other hand, well, they're more my peers - drunk alcoholics who can't play for shit sober - LOL - j/k - they can't play for shit drunk either - but they hold their booze a lot better then I can.

I traded a few posts with NJChick (who reads this blog - howdy) - and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one sick of how 2+2 has become the forum for bonus whoring and Pokertracker maximizing -


The new running joke on is that Lindsey Lohan is Skeletor and is taking a break from fighting He-Man - I once thought she was the hottest, albeit barely legal female on the planet, what with the augmented body and that flaming red hair - now I'm just like, ew.... - I might consider sleeping with it, but I'd be thinking about someone else now - LOL - (ok, no I probably wouldn't, but if I were, I'd want one of her old pictures taped to the headboard) -


Gavin Griffin has kept those of us in the investment community informed of his success or lack thereof - He was 4 from the money in the WSOP 5K event - bummer - but it's hurting him a lot worse then it's hurting me, so I'm hoping for better things, but man, am I glad I cut my losses to $450 instead of the $900 those guys put in who bought a full percent.


we need positive vibs for Iggy - his sister in law passed away for no reason on Thursday - terrible when it happens to someone so young and about ready to get married with her whole life ahead of her - Me, I'll live till I'm as old and crusty as coral, but the good die young.


and one final fuckup note - I have this little thing worked out between my parents, who divorced when I was 5 - Mom calls me and reminds me of Dad's Birthday, and Dad calls and reminds me of Mom's - he forgot to call and I missed it - I'm a terrible, terrible son - no doubt about it.


was reading on a blog talking about what the pros have on the Ipod - (I think Paulies) - Clonie Gowan was using an Ipod borrowed from her boyfriend. Seeing as how I thought I read where she was married with kids I can only assume the professional poker world has doomed another marriage and subjected another woman to the onslaught of sweaty fat pigs wanting to lay down a flush to her for a chance at a piece of ass - good luck with that, guys...


Was it as good for you as it was for me? - LOL - I enjoyed it - and 30 minutes to go till this version of the Work day is done - it's a 4 day week for me, so 3 down, 1 to go -



Friday, June 17, 2005

I should mention that thanks to old man virus and the warm weather, I did something yesterday I didn't plan on doing and almost never do -

I woke up 6 hrs. before work and decided to go catch Batman Begins -

It is everything the Batman mythos should be - a perfect capture of the "Legends of the Dark Knight" series and Batman: Year One - well, except for the love interest - but eh, Katie will work ok this time around.

I loved it - made me wanna jump off tall crap and drive badly again - LOL

That reminds me - Katie and Tom Cruise are getting married. He proposed apparently this morning - I am mildly creeped out by this, but if she's serious about that virginity pledge, then usually an engagement will get them to loosen up a bit...LOL -

Actually, it pisses me off to no end, not just because like all american males, I want Katie's because it sounds like Scientology is really getting their hooks into her....that cannot be good - it never is - here is your moment of Zen


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm wiped - some guy bought a free drink or two at the Uptown at 2am -

went and played 8 hrs at Canterbury - after 7 I was down to my last $11 out of 300 before rebounding and getting $135 of it back - had a couple big hands that were beaten by bigger ones - life goes on.

got my harrington on holdem vol. 2 - looks good.

gotta try to stay up late - get on the work schedule -


Monday, June 13, 2005

wow....almost seamless -

so let's see - what are we doing now....LOL

went from a P3/600 to a AMD Thunderbird 1200 for 6 mos. (which died all the time and was crap) to my current P4 3.00 GHZ chip running on a Asus P52AD-Premium board - top of the line, supports RAID, Wireless LAN, and has onboard sound/networking, so only card I had to install was a video card, which was....

MSI NX6600 - a bit of a downer card, but I needed PCI express - it's better then what I had.

1024 MB RAM in two 512 DRAMS running Dual Channel - One NEC DVD-RW/CD-RW/CD-R burner - gotta get some stuff to use that - I have USB ports in front so now my USB keychain can be plugged in easy as opposed to behind the stupid box - I also have audio inputs on the front of it.

XP with Service Pack 2/Zonealarm/Ad-Aware/Spybot - (that'll keep those sons of bitches out of my machine) -

Firefox/Thunderbird surfing/mail suite - trying to wean myself off the issues MS products have - also using Openoffice 1.4 instead of downloading my old copy of Office - If I need it, I have a laptop with Word/Excel/Outlook on them.

My one issue right now, couldn't transfer Mails/addresses from Outlook to Thunderbird, but at this point, I know most of those folks, and if I have to, I know I can get outlook, install it, and copy the PST files over - no big deal - just not doing it right now...

and a new used keyboard - one I salvaged - sits up higher, and less sticky/dirty with food.

Oh yah....whiskey likey....



almost a seamless install/upgrade - got the poker programs downloaded - now the Video games I want -


well, I went and made another impulsive decision....

$1000 of PC components, and with a little luck and a couple hrs. I should have a new bomb of a PC -

or a $1000 piece of shit...we'll see


here's another reason I'm in a bad mood.

Batman Begins - here's what you have to understand. I'm was a hardcore Batman fan when I was 18. I was jumping a whole flight of steps, landing almost point perfect (I'll probably have knee damage later in life) - and collecting every "Legend of the Dark Knight" comic I could get including back issues when I was in my $100/wk budget -

Land of the Dead - as a kid, I dubbed all three Living Dead movies to one Videocassette to watch whenever I want - I have 3 different versions of Dawn of the Dead, all with different commentary/scenes -

I'm pissed cause I want to see these movies TODAY, but it's next week and two weeks after...

son of a bitch....:) -


It's been raining like Tennessee, honey, so long
I got too heavy to fly

Ok....I'm officially pissed :( - and not in temp. drunk way,

Pocket A's snapped off twice in my last Pokerstars tourney....Retards making bad calls with the THIRD best hand and sucking out on me.

I can't sleep more then 4 hrs. at a stretch cause my throat gets too sore without fluids and swallowing. I've got mucus so goddamn yellow I could spit on a Red $5 poker chip and make it look like a $1000 chip.

and I'm starting to get that grumpy and pissed "I can't eat what I want" vibe starting - I want a bigass ol' box of greasy chicken or Totino's pizza, ....Rich sugary Coke-Cola and barbarque ribs...Meat Lover's Pizza and a big ass plate of Spaghetti.

It's the hot and humid weather here in MN - the kind that makes the rain come - and keeps the sun out but still keeps it hot and oppressive

EDIT: - and on something totally unrelated to myself - these fucking assholes are due for a good strike from God - Cheats 20000 pilots out of their pensions, but the CEO still gets the 1.5 mil he has coming cause it was "promised to him"

I'm about at the point where if the lower class took arms against all the moneychangers and fat cats and started the next American Revolution I'd be hard pressed to not side with them, even if I wasn't into killing for a better way of life -

good thing I'm not getting much human contact...I'm probably not fun to be around today.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

My sleep schedule is for shit....4 hrs. up, 2 hrs. down - yeesh.

Anyways - died in my PS. $39 satellite this morning with AT - flopped T8T and ran right into pocket 8's - that's a killer - LOL - couple SNG's

adding new links over there - and they're up top now instead of at the bottom - they are mostly other readers and the blogs I enjoy reading, including Al, Pauly, and Asia. (word of warning - I'm starting to crush a bit on Asia - but Al and Pauly are safe...LOL) -

I think this week I'm just gonna dink around with SNG's - watch my Netflix films - stay far away from resturaunts and booze this week - eat my little prepackaged lo-cal meals - stay out of the sun, turn on the AC, and just take a week off.

Of course, once it gets to be 10pm, I get bored and I'll probably change my mind....but for now, I'm mildly content as long as the AC doesn't crap out and I keep making the money in SNG's.


Saturday, June 11, 2005

ok....I admit it

This song brought a smile to my face. Out of frustration from those CD's I talked about two posts below, and out of boredom, I threw in the American Anthology of Folk Music which I have ripped to mp3 files from 3CD's.

For those of you who don't know the anthology is a 6LP set of early songs collected by Harry Smith that provided the basis for so much music in the 60's that would become folk, then Rock - Bob Dylan/Steve Earle couldn't get enough of it and Bob covered a couple of the songs in the mid 90's - I load up the files and proceed to hit shuffle on the mp3 player and found this obscure song called Arcidan One-Step.

It reminds me of contemporary changes, and a bit like Paul Simon's Graceland, but it's from 1929

But in the Internet age, nothing remains hidden for long, and soon I'm finding 30 of his recordings on a box set entiled Early Cajun - 3 minutes later it's on my way from

We're so damn spoiled today with Google. - If I was a true purist, I'd be hunting record shops for weeks thru NYC - no way baby - I can stay here and play poker tourneys online and get my music to my door.

Oh yah, I tipped the scales at 209 pounds this afternoon when I woke up - that's the first time it hasn't been 21x since that time I got depressed and stopped eating for 4 days - LOL -

part of it is the cold, but I'm hoping part of it is my change in my diet.


what happens in vegas stays in vegas....

unless you've got chump friends with cameras and blogs

thanks to Pauly for that image into debauchery - and to Al for living life to the fullest -


since I have a few minutes before my ridiculously puny Lean Cuisine pizza cools off, I feel it's time to vent some sadness, disappointment, and frustration.

As if I've ever needed a reason to wait....BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA....I AM YOUR DARK CLOUD, BABY.... (Ok, it ain't that bad)

In the past few weeks, several artists/bands that I like have released new albums -

Better than Ezra
Damien Jurado
Bruce Springsteen
Ryan Adams

my response to all of these has been a collective "meh?" As a fellow musician/music junkie (High Fidelty could have been written about me) I am always looking for something that sounds good - but in these cases, I don't think any of the albums live up to their predecesors.

Ryan Adams (who's former band, Whiskeytown, was the one I took for my online poker handle) has done the best - a bit of a return to the roots and his female backup singers remind of me Catlain Cary back when WT was going strong. Damien and Bruce I need to listen to more closely - I'm sure there's a gem or two on there.

But I don't know what to say about Oasis and BTE - actually, BTE's albums tend to start out a bit slow on me and pick up with repeated listenings - so we'll see. That Oasis album though....major suckage - Noel G. was the king of songwriting in the mid 90's - that band couldn't miss - christ, their B'sides on Masterplan were better then 90 percent of the drivel in the world, but unfortunately, they were better then this album too - he's letting too many of his bandmates write now and the sweeps, the hooks, the choruses are all gone - crapola.

Then there is the matter of the solo album - - yrs. ago I acquired some medium end equipment and can record a medium ended album - go here for some recordings done a couple yrs. ago - I wrote 3, 4, and 6 and sang on them as well as track 1 -

but the band is having a bit of an inertia rut lately, and quite frankly, I want my own record anyways - nothing worse then doing a solo gig and having 5 people ask if you have a CD and you say no...

but I keep kicking it around - should it be like Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska/Matthew Ryan's Concussion? - acoustic, dark, stark, - or should I be trying to do band arrangements of all that crap.

In the end, I think I'll go with the first - save band arrangements for later and just make music to slit your wrists to - LOL - and I wanna do a cover of Townes Van Zandt's "Lungs" - but no singing right now - no good with a cold.

Ok, lamo baby ass pizza is cool enough to eat...3 hrs. till my weekend starts - 4 days off, baby.


Friday, June 10, 2005

well, let's see - what have I done in the last 12 hrs - I sure have been posting a hell of a lot - of course, I didn't go online all last week. Now that I've got a WPBT button, I'm in the club, babeee...

still sick - feeling it slightly - I should get a thermometer sometime and see how high my temp. goes - the body's temperature goes up as an attack on the virus - not instigated by the virus, per se, but by the body - the viruses usually only survive n a narrow temperature range, and a coulple additional degrees can kill the virus - isn't that cool? (well, that's what I've heard) -

I think my body must go into overdrive right away, cause I usually feel slightly lightheaded with a cold - probably doing myself brain damage - crap. And generally, I don't get sick - I did this to myself. But I'll come back strong soon.

I subscribed to Netflix - been meaning to do so for months - pick up Kagemunga and a couple other Kurosawa flicks - some Irish flicks, and my guilty pleasure - I've always wanted to watch Sex in the City - to figure out how women think - so I grabbed the first couple seasons. (my other guilty pleasure is Kristen Davis but I don't think she gets naked in these - LOL - I would be attracted to the wholesome brunette, wouldn't I....) - now I don't have to deal with the shame of going in the video store to rent them - heh.

died in a 10 min. rounds MTT after about 90 min. making a push with A7 suited in the BB and running into AJ offsuit limping UTG in early position - pulled up my TLB stats for the last yr. and found myself way the hell below where I should be - it's been a shitty yr. for tourneys compared to last year - really bad - I gotta figure out WTF I'm doing wrong and kick it up a notch. Even last yr. wasn't really stellar - I only made $240 on about 250+ tourneys that first 6 months - I mean, breaking even is cool, but come on - LOL -

to assist in this, I purchased Harrington on Holdem vol 1. last yr. and my ADHD kept me from finishing it from cover to cover, but vol 2. is coming out - so I'll start Vol 1. - AGAIN! and finish it - (if I was going to bars and drinking and reading, I'd get her done fast)

if I get a big win I gotta be sure to not waste it on the stupid ol' $215/100 tourneys - but conserve - this is the yr. we get profitable - although as it stands I'll be lucky to get back to 0 - I've been flucuating between $800 and $1400 down for some time - Vegas was a nice rebound, but I'm not putting expenses in the spreadsheet - just losses/profit - LOL - the fact it cost me $500 in travel to win $600 in poker is irrelevant. - that's a $600 profit - heh. Actually, my only real profit is in some 6/12 and 5/10 hands and the motherloving NL games where I play ubertight and double up with the nuts....I love it.

I'm actually starting to see comments/posts by other people in here - going to the WPBT might even garner me a couple links - wish I could have taken the week off and gone more apeshit, but with NYC coming up, and one already taken in Vegas and one in Montana, even I have a finite number of vacation days - 5 weeks to be sure is no laughing matter, but that puts me at about two weeks or 7 nights left.

what that also means is that I'm not going to the 2+2 gathering next week - ah well. They'll get by without me - the WPBT is one thing - the 2+2 thing, well, sheeit - if I gotta listen to those guys talk about how they're ALL profitable, I'll jump from the stratosphere.

Those of us who invested in gavin griffin got $15 bucks for his money finish in the Limit WSOP event. He's been busting real early though - sorta starting to feel glad I only put down $450 instead of the full $900 - that means I've made $7.50 - LOL

I think I had a couple other things but right now work calls - later


Thursday, June 09, 2005

This thread has dug open some old wounds for me -

I'm trying to figure out why on the political boards this week, I just want to beat the fucking piss out of all these people slamming "Deep Throat" and what he did. To them, he's a traitor - boo hoo...Nixon was great - Deep Throat violated his oath - boo hoo.

There is a mindset out there that loyalty trumps everything - including honor and justice and righteousness - what fools. No one is worth that kind of loyalty - not on this planet today, anyways...

The reason that thread opened up something is I remember being in that world. - I remember people saying "to have a fulfilling Christian life, you need to read/pray/do this much per day" - If I had listened to all of them, I'd need 40 hrs. a day - LOL - it takes a while to flog yourself. There are people who's sole purpose in life is to get my attention and drag me back under their heel in the name of Jesus Christ. I need to be held accountable/charged/taken to task. I don't mind God humbling me, nor Jesus, but I'll be fucked up the ass if some 40 year old domineering jackass who can't go 5 minutes without telling his wife to shut up is gonna tell me my life is wrong.

And then I throw Gillian's song on there on repeat - and I keep hearing that one verse -

"Don't you know that it ain't a crime
Don't you know that it ain't a crime
If all the squares and the junkmen
Think you're out of line"

no, I guess it's not a crime, is it.....

took 5th in one SNG and died in the other - paid my expenses so I'm in a 10 buck speed MTT tourney (10 minute rounds - like a SNG) - I wanted 2K to go to NYC with in July, but I feel like going to the bank, depositing my BR, and making my credit card debt go away - it's $2500, and this $1000 and my next check could kill it totally - I racked it up when I was unemployed 2 yrs ago, but paid off my involuntary hospital bill first instead of this - and of course, it keeps taking small hits with the ol' trips to Vegas - no big deal - I think I'll be awake now till work. Whenever I slept, my sore throat got worse, but now a shot of dayquil and three hrs. up and it's gone - gotta love it.

Maybe I'll go to the store and buy about 20 Lean cusines and just eat them for about 5 days - (I gotta eat 3 or 4 of the bastards a day - they're so small) - I shaved yesterday and ol' chubby face is back - I didn't lose any weight this trip to Vegas either....LOL - I actually ate - too bad :)

and in conclusion, Iggy, if yer reading this, ya should have called - LOL - next time you come to Minneapolis, we'll hook up even if I gotta take off work.


well, I went and did it to myself -

caught a damn cold - my lack of sleep before going into work was the kicker that started it - dropped the resistance after that last trip.

ah well - now I'm awake for the day - might as well get in a couple 27 player SNG's before work.


my haiku from the last road trip to Vegas for the World Poker Blogger Tour


no luck the first day
second day the fish pay off
time to run like hell

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

never posted this one...

Donal Og - heard it at - Michael Mcgoldrick and Karen Casey singing it - it's for a woman's POV, but I like it anyways...

that last verse spoke reams to me - anyone who's put their faith in God and had it shattered by lost love understands it - (or it could be a reference to lost virginity....WTF do I know...)

great song though


My Donal Og, I love you, and you sail o'er the water
Take me with you to be your partner
'Tis at fair and market you'll be well looked-after
And you can sleep with the Greek king's daughter

First time I saw you 'twas a Sunday evening
'Twas at the Easter as I was kneeling
'Twas on Christ's passion that I was reading
But my mind, it was on you, and my own heart bleeding

My Donal Og, you'll not find me lazy
Not like some high-born expensive lady
I'll do your milking and I'll nurse your baby
If you were set upon I would back you bravely

For you said you would meet me, but you were lying
Behind the sheepfold as the day was dying
I whistled first, then I started hailing
And all that I heard was the young lambs' wailing

And you said you would give me, but you talk lightly
Fish-skin gloves that would fit me tightly
Bird-skin shoes when I go out walking
A silken dress that would set Ireland talking

My mother, she said we should not be meeting
That I should pass you by and not give you greeting
'Twas a good time surely she chose for cheating
With the stable bare and the horse retreating

Black as the sloe is the heart inside me
Black as the coal with the grief that drives me
Black as the boot print on shining hallway
'Twas you that blackened it ever and always

For you took what's before me and what's behind me
You took east and west when you would not mind me
Sun, moon and stars from me you have taken
And Christ likewise if I'm not mistaken

My Donal Og, when you sail o'er the water


came back from Vegas - woke up at 10pm right into the nastiest thunderstorm so far this year...

lightning/thunder everywhere - tornado watches - rain in sheets -

makes me wanna go outside and stand on the roof.


Vegas – the third run for glory….

Day 1 -

My third trip to Vegas was to be a bit different – My plan was to play nuthin but NL and tourneys, and to do as many different rooms as possible – expand my collection of $5 chips and generally just do other things then hang out at the Mirage – (never set foot in it actually) –

The first event was the World Poker Blogger Tour event at the Aladdin – I knew I would be a bit late (plane arrival 10:20 ETA, cab/ride hoped to be there by 10:45) – but that flight is usually early and I thought I could roll in by 10:20 – 5 minutes before departure, the pilot says over the intercom that we have to wait a few minutes for the fuel trucks to come back because they didn’t put in enough fuel for the flight. We left about 20 minutes late. While I will admit to being peeved, I must also confess that if one is to be late departing on a plane, I can think of few better reasons then “because we need more fuel to make the flight.” I was distracted from my worry by “Million Dollar Baby” which was the best movie I’ve ever watched on an airplane.

After the FASTEST departure ever from the Las Vegas airport into the shortest taxi line I’ve ever seen, I arrived at the Aladdin to find $1500 in chips and two hands at 100/200 blinds before the break. I saw two crap hands (8/3 and 7/4) and did my greetings during the break, as well as paying back Chris Halverson for my entry – LOL.

First hand I’m the BB and I have AQ offsuit – a kid I don’t think has a hand bets and an older lady goes all in – I struggle with it for a bit and make a decision. I came to win, not to play the longest, and with myself already having 25% of my chips in the BB, I’m a big fav. to a hand like 55 or A/rag

He has 10/J offsuit (I’m not surprised – BTW…LOL – he had Groucho Marx glasses and a JOPKE sign) and she had AK – I get no help, and I probably had the fastest exit from the tourney, although it was an hr. after everyone else started – ah well. Some hammers were thrown down – in no other tourney will you see more applause for 2/7 offsuit then you will for AA – LOL – but I left before it ended – went to the Tropicana and napped because I had been up for 22 hours straight.

The highlight of that leg was meeting the Iggy the blogfather, Chris H., Drizzlj, Otis, Pauly, CJ, AlCantHang, and several others – it rocked.

I made a brief appearance at the Tequila party, but for some reason, getting plastered and partying appealed less to me then hitting the 7pm Sahara tourney. My regrets to all the bloggers I didn’t meet.

The Sahara was a drag – I was told but not aware that they’re pulling out about 25% of the tourney for the juice – I ended up busting out 44th out of 177 with AQ AGAIN – that was hurtful – went back to the MGM, looked at the lines, and decided to start checking out other rooms – first stop was Excalibur, a favorite of 2+2’ers everywhere.

I got my AA cracked and got to spin the wheel for $20 on an $80 pot, but I think I left up about $75. I also drank too much whiskey on an empty stomach – it has been tradition for me to drink hard the first night and chill the rest of the time – and I did – but bygones are bygones – overall, the day is a slight loss with two tourney entry fees and a slight win in ½ NL.

Day 2 –

I go to bed at 7am, wake up at 9:30, buy milk/Tums/Aleve to alleviate the impending hangover, and go to MGM – I was gonna kill two hrs. playing NL there before going to the Sunday 1pm Imperial Palace tourney.

I played a few hands, but I remember one - buying in for $240, getting AA in MP and ending up with a $700 stack after that hand. You can find the details of that here. This broke my previous record at the Wynn for pot size, though it was twice the buyin of that one. Got to $800 before leaving and taking a taxi with three other guys who were also interested in playing the tourney.

I was disappointed – the structure used to have more chips, but they changed it to the weekday tourney formats – it’s a crapshoot now the 2nd hr. – luckily, I can play these kind of craps.

some great hands stick out – first round I get QQ in the BB and make it 600 (6 times BB) with 4 limpers in the pot – one calls and flop comes 678 with two clubs. – I push him in for his last 200 and he calls and flips over 59 for the st8 – WTF? –

Turn comes a 9 and river comes a 5 for a chop and he goes off for 10 minutes on how bad his luck is. Of course, he did call a raise preflop with 59 sooted and suck out, but ya know, that wasn’t bad luck – LOL – I talked to him after the first break and he mentioned he had busted out and it was all I could do to say “good luck” and not “no [censored]” but no hard feelings.

Middle stages I get all in with AJ suited and run headlong into AQ and 10/10 – but AQ dies again – except this time I don’t hold it and I triple up when a J hits.

I get to the final table with a decent stack. Some guys there aren’t very good, some are – we’re down to 6 when I get a key hand – raise 3 times BB with AK and get reraised all in by a ska wannabe (if he lost 200 pounds) who has J7 sooted – he HITS and I think I’m out but I have half a BB once stacks are compared.

I triple up next hand with A9 and I’m starting to get back in the running – we’re down to 5 and I get 9 for the first card and the second card hits my stack and flips up, the 5 of hearts, so it’s the burn card and my new card is another 9 – I take my pair of 9’s all in vs. AK and double up AGAIN. The guy’s name was Tony, and he was there cause on our first table, I was there and I told him he hadn’t taken his rebuy yet as he stood up – (the receipt is your rebuy ticket) - so when I got him, he wasn’t too mad cause he wouldn’t have been there without me.

It's really important to me at this point to make 3rd. The payout doubled from $200 to $422 - so I want to get past dishwater.

I don’t remember the bustout hand, but I busted the 4th place guy - and I remember being the favorite going in on my last hand. I made it to third for some good money before 1 and 2 cut a deal to chop. – I go back to my motel for another power nap before hooking up with Photoc/Al Capone Jr. for some poker at the new Stratosphere poker room.

Nice little room – it will take some work to distinguish it from every other small poker room springing up on the Strip, but they’re working on high hand deals like the Aladdin, (got to be approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission, which surprised me to know) - and it’s right near the entrance of the Self Park Garage and the Sports book, so it’s off to a good start. I lost about 7 bucks after a wonderful start where I busted the poker room manager the first hand of the first game. We would have stayed as it was loose and fun but a dickhead sat down in seat 10 and ruined the vibe pretty badly. Photoc gave me a quick tour of the Downtown and the 4 corners (Binions, 4 Queens, and the other two) and it was off to the Tropicana poker room for 3 hrs before falling asleep. (I was staying at there this trip cause of it’s proximity to Aladdin and MGM, which has become my new fav. poker room) - Nice room - awesome pics. on the wall, and I made another $25 or so before retiring for 5 hrs.

Day 3 –

a quick stop to buy in for the Aladdin tourney and a couple hrs. at Bally’s where I wasn’t impressed. Got to Aladdin and did ok till I took AA vs QQ and 66 and the lady with 66 tripled up. I was in trouble after that and pretty much went out shortly thereafter. (BTW, she knew what she was doing. Young Asian girl who played very well and aggressive, and took 2nd – she was just a luckbox vs. my AA – LOL)

Sat in a 1/2 game there cause I was waiting for a Smirnoff Ice, met a producer from M*A*S*H and some hot ladies from Colorado, one of whom was built like a fine automobile and was fighting off a JFK Jr. lookalike – but I decided to take off and check out some more rooms – first one was Monte Carlo.

Let me start with this – two games full of old timers – one is 2/4 and one is 4/8 limit ½ kill with 1 and 2 buck blinds. More kids in the 2/4 game actually – I was the youngest at the 4/8 game. But it was loose, wild, and I think I made 25 bucks. Having said that, it was the COOLEST small poker room in Vegas I’ve played. I loved the vibe/room and the paintings/colors and everything – I wanted to play NL though so I left to meet up with Photoc at Mandalay Bay for my last couple hrs.

If I ever build a private poker room in my basement, I’d want it to look like that poker room. Sheeit, if I ever built a house, I’d want it to look like that. – read reviews and pics here - Very impressive although it was pretty empty at that time.

Last two hrs. at Mandalay Bay were interesting – 2/4 NL with a $200 buyin – no min/max and some wild fish. If I had been smart, I’d have played mega tight and just waited them out, but I loosened up too much and dropped about $175 before going to catch my plane – this was also a drag – the Pistons game was on in the sports book right across the rail and it was louder then [censored] in there.

My advice is if you have a big BR, go there, limp with any pp and raise with monsters and just drag it down cause there's an all in almost every hand.

I have now played poker in 15 different Vegas poker rooms, and I’m still not halfway done…LOL – but I feel I’m done with flying out till it gets cooler –

I slept almost the entire flight home in an uncomfortable seat straight up (thank got it was the exit seat) - got home, and slept for 14 goddamn hours and now I'll be up all night - LOL

Next stop – Atlantic City/NYC in July –


Saturday, June 04, 2005

ah fuck....just got done reading the tourney structure for the tourney tomorrow -

$60 gets $1,000 in chips
$5 add-on gets extra $500

Total $65 buy-in
20 minute blinds:


sheeeit - 1500 in chips - consider, oh, one set of blinds per round - that's $525 down out of a $1500 and if I don't make it before the end of the hr, I'll have 2.5 times the BB for the next round.

faster then other Aladdin tourneys I've played....whiskeytown not happy with that - hope the plane doesn't arrive late -

ah well - I think I'm gonna turn this one into a tournament trip -


Friday, June 03, 2005

I've made a small baby mistake in internet world - I have rectified it, but we shall see if it comes back to bite me in the ass or not - no biggie, I guess -

getting ready to go - I'll go home, pack the backpack with clothes and reading material, grab the cash BR, and get on a bus to come to work, head to the LR after work, go to airport, check in, fly to Vegas, arrive for tourney, bust out in 10 minutes, go to Tropicana and sleep.

good - got my Saturday all planned - jeez...

It's a nice time to be in MN - after this week I'll probably stay here till for 6 weeks - LOL - but one never knows -

I'm feeling blahed - not sleeping good enough this week and I feel social obligations coming on - I will say this, I'm not xenophobic - but I hate large crowds - (well, unless I'm in front of them with a guitar) so I won't visit the Rio during the WSOP - I'm more likely to finally do that Star Trek experience and check out Fremont Street -

that's the plan anyways - I should check on shuttle times for downtown.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

a few online pokersites are having problems tonight...

reminded me of this article from last month.

and if I were an online extortionist trying to take money from online poker sites, I can think of no other time to start enforcing/wrecking havoc with said sites then at the start of the biggest tournament period in poker every yr, the WSOP.

Interesting - sure would like to know what's going on in the backrooms of these poker sites this week -


ah man....

just when I think I'm getting clean, another addiction rears it's ugly head.

I may actually have this one - I use the stuff like it was water.


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

well, hell with it -

this is the part that sucks whenever I take time off from drinking -

it's not anything physical, like shakes or sweats, (not yet - maybe in 10 yrs) - it's the way one's perception of time alters to snail-speed proportions -

I woke up at 8pm, and I'll probably be awake till 6am - I've GOT to buy a TIVO if I'm gonna do this shit, cause there is NOTHING on TV at 3am -

so I end up doing the Movies on Demand, till 5:30 or until the sun comes out - then one can take a walk around Lake Calhoun at 6am and not be bothered or bugged by people -

but with all this time I can't find motivation to practice my violin - fuck...I'll go on a rampage for 10 hrs, cutting/pasting info during/after work so that I can get a test passed, but when it comes time to sit down and focus on something I want to do, not a fucking ounce of willpower - even stuff like practicing a musical instrument -

sheeeeit....waste of fucking space.