Sunday, April 25, 2004

well, rebuy players do suck royal dog balls

played only one tourney tonight - and 3 satellites (including a FPP one) - the other three were rebuy tourneys where I took one entry, one rebuy, and one add-on / a 5 buck and 20 buck satellite, and an 11 buck tourney

the 20 buck satellite was turbo, BTW, and with 100 players, it's over in 90 min. - that's the one I won a seat in after I played so aggressively, it made even ME sick...

I did luck out and get a seat for the $500 - but ya know.....I'm gonna cash it in...I won the seat on luck...(well, I had the best hand preflop...but got hit on the turn and only a 2 outer on the river could save me) -

right now, I just don't feel confident or rich enough to blow my bankroll on a 500 that $500 will keep me in tourney dollars for awhile, and may even get me some sweet rebuy action for WSOP satellites....

gotta start a BR somewhere....and 400 bucks for one nights profit is pretty damn good -



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